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Seeking our solos

Most solos are happy motorhoming solo but the common thread in posts so far is the desire to sometimes meet up with other solos for a chat/drink/outing/conversation etc. I was browing the Caravan Club website this morning and see caravanners are now exploring the same issues.

The problem is - we're out there - but how do we identify another solo who's in the mood for one or many of the above interactions?

Maintaining a blog with dates/venues/willing parties woudl be difficult to update and what then about the spontaneous types who feel like a chat/..etc today?

I thought perhaps the best way to immediately identify a like-minded solo in situ would be to create a "sign" that would indicate "solo here who'd welcome a knock and hi..." would be to have a sign/pennant or similar, say with MHF logo and a big "S" in red to hang somewhere conspicuous say on the windscreen. Was thinking about something subtle that only those "in the know" would look out for and understand, not a RALLY FLAG.

It could be hung up or taken down on a whim.

Before I get too carried away with this idea, if anyone knows if there's any other "consenting adult activity" which uses this kind of indicator (other than the red light) please let me know asap before I embarrass myself!


Viv (HH)


"When I was 17 the boys used to call me "Coke-bottle-legs". Fifty years later, they are still like Coke bottles. Sadly, the 2 litre version!"
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sounds a bit strange to me, inviting strangers into your M/H, at least walking round talking to others out in the open you can just walk away, but advertising for anyone to knock your door, how can you turn them away? You might end up with all sorts of undesirables knocking your door with the expectation of being admitted.
Doesn't take many minutes walking round chatting to others in the open to find out who's on their own and if they want to socialise.
I travel solo, but certainly don't want to give an open invite to any Tom Dick or Harry to knock my door by sticking up a sign.
And the nair-do-wells will know who's by themselves as well if you advertise the fact.
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It's a great idea Viv but unfortunately, in this day and age, it could compromise personal safety...
Yes, a Red Ribbon on the windscreen wiper could send a mixed message :P (but I might put one on mine anyway )

Very sad times we live in... happily, we know who we are
...we know that because we've used the existing threads on this forum ...both those for solo and t'others, that has to be the best way forward...

if you're a solo and would welcome contact other solos then use the pm system or join in on forum threads that favour singles but don't overlook meets which are open to everyone...

Shameless plug: open to all

Bill, have to say that not everyone is gregarious enough to engage with any T, D or H on a site ....bully for those that are but what about the rest of us?
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An interesting idea, Viv.

I have spent the last ten years travelling for three to five months at a time on the continent, covering twelve different countries.

Much of this time has been spent 'solo' but in recent years I have had company in the form of friends using their own vans - a convoy of two

I have come to the conclusion that company is better for me. Not sure that a visual sign would work but there are all sorts of discreet ways of saying 'I would like company' How about a MHF sticker displayed upside down

Seriously, though, just trying to start a conversation or offering a cup of tea (or something stronger!) may soon indicate whether someone wants to interact.


Adapt to change quickly. The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy NEW CHEESE.
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More on Seeking Out Solos

Thank you for your comments, posters. It's not as easy for a woman as it is for a man and singles are not that easy to find on a campsite - men are inclined to wild camp/use aires etc which I don't.

But I wasn't thinking about going round town with my display, just a subtle indicator when on a site, amongst like-minded and honourable motorhomers. It's really not easy to FIND a single. In my 3 month trip around Europe in 2010 I only saw/met one woman who was travelling (alone) with her 2 children.

So are there many undesirables motorhoming around? (What are your handles??? lol) Besides only MHF members, or perhaps similar organisation members, would know what the sign meant.

I don't normally "advertise" the fact that I'm on my own unless I feel I'm in a safe place and surrounded by seemingly trustworthy fellow mo'homers.

I wasn't planning to invite them INTO the mhome - just have a casual chat to establish their credentials!

I've met some wonderful people on sites in the last few years, but almost without exception, all couples and always British.

The French don't communicate after "Bonjour Madame" even if I'm speaking French (to myself?) (Perhaps that's why!)

When I have got into casual conversation with Hollanders, (it's usually the men who speak English), they are curious when they see you're on your own. The wives always come to check up on them after 10 minutes to find out why they're taking so long with the washing up.

I enjoy being an observer of humankind so it's always fun and I've never felt uneasy at all, but having spent my working years in Africa security is never far from mind, that's why motorhoming here is so liberating.



"When I was 17 the boys used to call me "Coke-bottle-legs". Fifty years later, they are still like Coke bottles. Sadly, the 2 litre version!"
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Send a message via MSN to suedew
Know i am not a true 'solo' but i do travel on my own sometimes.
I make the effort to at least say hello to everyone i see on site.
So far the women i have spoken to who are on their own want to be alone, but i'll keep trying.
Hope those who want to find companionship when traveling or on site do so, and that those who prefer to be alone don't feel threatened or intruded on when I speak to them.
I did, quite a few years ago, join a singles camping group, there was so much sniping in the newsletters, it put me off going. The club has since split and 2 new clubs have started.
However I digress from OP, would be very wary of putting anything in the van which signified i was on my own. Have a MHF sticker in the window though.

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