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Interior Roof light ...

...and polarity tester. I purchased these things from'WATER%20FILTERS' from a link I saw in someones posting.

I ordered them yesterday and got them today.

I have done a silly. We had this horrible smell coming out from the cupboard under the sink. I was given orders to remove the fixed shelves and see what had fallen down the back. Smelt like a dead rat.

After I destroyed the fitted shelves, I found on the floor a sea shell which the youngest had left there and boy, did it stink.

Rather wish I had noticed the shell as we are a bit short of shelving at this time.

I sent the following email to them...

Quote.....for the our order which we received today. For interest, I obtained you website address from

I was just thinking it might be a good idea to stick an ad on there and their hit rate is huge per day.

Many thanks again
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