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hillbillie 09-04-2016 14:23

single/solo parent motorhoming with young child
Hi Everyone :-)

I'm just after some views and hints, as the title suggests, on motorhoming on my own with a 4 year old.

I haven't got a motorhome yet- it's a dream I've had for a long time. Originally it was a 'i'll wait until I have no ties' dream but several sad things that have happened recently have made me think that life can be painfully too short and that if I keep putting dreams off they may never become a reality.

The main thing that has been holding me back is my other half- he hates the idea, loves staying at home and has about as much sense of adventure as a tree. Wheras to me there is a country crying out to be explored and so many fantastic places to visit only a 2/3 hour drive away.

I thought it would be fantastic to be able to pick my son up from school on a Friday when there was a reasonable forecast and head off for a weekend adventure. I think he would enjoy it too. He's used to just doing stuff with me so I don't think it would bother him that much that his Dad wasn't there.

The thing is- does anyone else do this or really is it just whole families that go? do you think it's safe (I wouldn't wildcamp) and what sites do you think would be best?

any suggestions would be much appreciated :smile2:

suedew 09-04-2016 15:45

don't think you are daft, but think you should try to encourage your partner to travel with you even if only occasionally. Both the caravan and camping and caravan club hold rallies most weekends, look for ones that are geared for children, or 'family' rallies. Do sometimes take my grandchildren on my own, they soon make friends and you then meet their parents/grandparents or whatever.
If you intend going abroad you will need a van with rear seatbelt/s as young children are not allowed to travel in the front.
Can understand your desire to do this now.


GMJ 09-04-2016 15:55

Sounds like a great plan to me. The nipper will love it :grin2:

Boo hiss to grumpy dad :wink2:

Probably best to research family friendly sites; maybe join a club that do the rallies mentioned above; look for sites near things that interest 4 year olds - bars, clubs, strip not...perhaps zoos, dinosaur parks, boating lakes (?), car/air museums etc.

If its only the 2 of you, you could get a relatively small campervan or MH which would give you greater freedom for day trips too :smile2:

Graham :smile2:

MEES 09-04-2016 17:02

We take our grandkids who are same age. Two places you would have a great safe time with loads to do are.
1. Lytham st Anne's Aire. A car park right on beach behind swimming pool Toby inn , cafe in train carriage trampolines , super playground approx £10 per night.
2. Southport marina camping and caravanning small site with loos and showers.
Across rd from beach adjacent to pier, mc Donald's pub grub Kentucky fri chich an clues to superb playground. Takes a few vans but safe gorgeous kids to late around ours always make friend.

Enjoy x

autostratus 09-04-2016 17:21

You will have to choose your motorhome carefully if you will be on your own as keeping in touch with a 4 year old sitting somewhere behind you can be a problem.
The child will feel isolated and you can expect frequent calls of "Are we there yet."
Motorhomes can be quite noisy behind the cab.

MEES 09-04-2016 17:48

Set off after school he will have a nap on way.
Let him have a ds or IPad he will be fine:-)

aldra 09-04-2016 18:56

Well is this just a dream ?

Or a dream that could become a reality?

mH are not cheap, so I guess you both need to be on board to buy one

So from someone who is well over the hill, but has remained married for 50 + years

Why not just settle for a tent, you and the 4 year old,adventures are awaiting

a motorhome is not needed

We camped for years with 6 kids,they loved it


GMJ 10-04-2016 09:14

I'm no expert on the mix of 4yo's and tents (I have experience of both but not together :smile2:) however I would have thought the last thing a single person would want to do on a Friday night is put up a tent (potentially raining in this country) and entertain a 4 yo at the same time.

And vice versa on a Sunday :smile2:

Probably fun for the first time or two but after that....

Graham :smile2:

aldra 10-04-2016 09:23

You could be right

But looking at camping sites, thousands do!

Many of today's tents are very quick to erect, and a 4 year old can certainly help

I suppose what I'm saying is why wait for adventure

Particularly if the other half is reluctant to buying a motorhome


Suenliam 10-04-2016 12:16

Agree tents are great fun if it's fairly warm and dry, but a bit grim if it's cold and wet. Also with bad weather you are unlikely to set out in the first place. However, with a smallish, warm, cosy MH it doesn't matter what the weather and you are more likely to use it all year round.
I'd say - go for it. The only problem might have to get a bigger MH. Your youngster might have jealous friends who want to come with you:grin2:

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