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Vimbus 28-05-2014 21:31

Campervan with a newborn??
Campervan with newborn

My wife and I have recently discovered that she is 20ish weeks pregnant, which is obviously great news but has put paid to our summer road trip to Europe.

So my question is when is safe to start traveling again? Baby is due in September, but should we go straight away (the van has heating so that isn\'t a problem), or leave it until it warms up in 2015?

Grizzly 28-05-2014 22:13

Only you can really answer that. The baby will be fine, if safely secured in seat or cot, in any environment where it is warm, fed, loved and clothed.

You however have to cart any extra water and paraphernalia, make sure it is heated, ensure, if bottle fed, that bottles are sterile and so on. Extra work but I\' d say go for it. Babies travel better than dogs and are a wonderful talking point.

Check inoculations with your GP before leaving UK.


JP 28-05-2014 22:21

Things we used a lot were a blow up baby bath in the shape of a duck that fitted perfectly in the shower tray and a pop up travel cot.

Mumoffive 28-05-2014 23:27

We travel with a terminally ill child with tracheostomy and reliant on a ventilator. Your newborn will be fine.
Just make sure you have a carbon monoxide monitor if you are using the heating.
Baths are overrated. We rely on oasis bath wipes when away from home.
Breast feeding is far less hassle than bottles or tubes and pumps. But we manage to do a ketogenic tube feed without too much problem.
Have fun

Suenliam 29-05-2014 09:52

35 years ago a friend of mine went camping (i.e. with a small tent) with a 2 month old baby and it was her first. They went for 6 weeks to Scotland in the autumn and had a lovely time because they wanted to enjoy the only holiday they could afford. Lots of love , cuddles and fresh air and you will be giving your baby the best.

Hope you do go


fantails 29-05-2014 09:58

Should be fine, but your wife may well be very tired and would be more worried about your wife than a newborn baby. - how newborn anyway, probably best post 6 weeks when all settled down.
Don\'t forget an EHIC for all 3 of you!

Grizzly 29-05-2014 10:32

Make sure that you have good insect defences. They can be quite active in Europe in autumn.

Our eldest had his first camping experience, aged 3 months, in a 2 man mountain tent in northern Uganda. I often wonder if his early view of life was changed by seeing everything through the dark green mosquito net that we wrapped his carry cot in.


MyGalSal 30-05-2014 19:32

travelling with a newborn
Depends when you mean straightaway.

I would wait until at least six weeks. If this is your first baby you will need a little time to readjust - and your wife will need time to get back on her feet again.

The baby will travel absolutely fine, young babies sleep a lot and as long as you have a secure baby seat and a pop up travel cot you are ready to go! Being in the motorhome is best way to go because you have everything at hand and if you are up all night - as if - :roll: it really doesn't matter.

Go for it. You will all enjoy it. Many years ago, we took our 4 month old daughter (OK not a new born but still fairly new) on a camping trip - in a tent - to the Lake District in early April. Weather was as usual in the Lake District in early Spring (wet!) and she survived - and has loved the Lakes and camping - in a tent - every since.


HermanHymer 30-05-2014 19:53

Forty two years ago, when I was young and stupid, after giving birth all I wanted was my Mum. So off I went on a 3-day train journey across Africa with a 3 and a half year old and a 3 week old baby (passport photo at 5 days old). Botswana temps were in the mid 40's. There was no cold water and nothing to drink. I was so tired by the time I arrived I could barely be civil. Just another adventure.

It all depends on the wife... and the baby. But should be OK if they are both well and thriving. Think through a back-up plan in case of "unforeseen circumstances".

Easyriders 30-05-2014 21:38

All depends how your wife feels. With all 5 of ours, I just wanted to be safe at home, to get used to the new baby.

Never understood people who flew with tiny babies. I just wanted to stay somewhere safe until each one was crawling, at least.

That only takes 6 months or so. Doesn't half go fast!

Enjoy your new addition, and all the best to the whole family.


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