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It's lovely to have all this advice and support- what a fantastic bunch you are

it's good to hear from similar people and know that I'm not being daft or odd (well, I probably am sometimes!)

I agree a caravan makes more sense financially but it's the parking/reversing in narrow lanes/setting up on my own that puts me off (and yes I am female but I don't want to start the whole bunch of jokes on women reversing etc...)!.

Plus I like the idea with a MH that if you ever did feel unsafe you can just drive off.

I'm feeling very positive now about it but a bit daunted trying to track the right MH down! I will put another post in a more relevant section asking for help with that. Thank you Kev n Liz for your kind offer

And Aldra have a fantastic time in Scotland with your toy boy and scooter!!!! wine drinking is something I enjoy too....
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