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RichardD 28-04-2017 20:57

Wheel spacers
The front stance of an A-Class has always annoyed me so was wondering if anyone had fitted some wheel spacers to get the wheels further out into the wheel arch.

The current Fiat wheels have an ET of 68 so there is plenty of scope to bring them back to say ET28 by using a 40mm spacer and still have the wheel centre close to the centre of the wheel bearing and not giving it any undue loading.


BillCreer 28-04-2017 23:58

What would be the advantage?

RichardD 29-04-2017 00:10

It would just look better to my eye and better balanced.

I guess with a slightly wider front track then the stability would be slightly better.

Carthago do a Compactline range which is much narrower and the wheels sit almost flush to the outside of the wheel arch and it looks sooooo much better.


Pudsey_Bear 29-04-2017 09:07

I had wheel spacers on a mini eons ago, too much stress on the wheel bearings so they failed, I'd not use them on such a heavy vehicle, maybe changing the wheels would be better.

emjaiuk 29-04-2017 09:48

I wouldn't fit them until the warranty expires. It's also a modification from an insurance companies point of view.


peribro 29-04-2017 10:06

Possible effects of wheel spacers:

Increased load on the wheel bearings
Increased load on the wheel retaining bolts
Increased load on the steering gear
Increased load on suspension components
Changed airflow over the brakes
Invalidated warranty
Invalidated insurance

Possibly worth taking the chance on a 20 year old boy racer car but.....!

Mrplodd 29-04-2017 13:48

Fitting of wheel spacers WILL **** up the overall steering geometry that someone has spent a lot of time and effort setting up.

Leave well alone or you could run into warranty issues.


Pudsey_Bear 29-04-2017 13:52

Just get some Carlos Fandango wheels.

Mrplodd 29-04-2017 13:54

Goodness me, Carlos Fandango takes me back rather more years than I care to admit.


Pudsey_Bear 29-04-2017 14:57

Always wanted an angle box to do that too, finally got one (Burgundy) and the A pillars were well and truly stuffed, I was heart broken, wish I still had it though, worth a bloody fortune since the Weasley boy flew one.

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