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HermanHymer 12-04-2019 15:05

All change at Easter
Isn't it quiet without Sandra???:wink2::wink2::wink2:

Too quiet. Roll on the end of Lent!

raynipper 12-04-2019 15:38

Got a lot of catching up though.


aldra 12-04-2019 19:13

I never made 40 days fasting this time

Always did

But I was younger then

Only 34 days this time

But Imnot coming back till Easter

Actually Iím not sure Iím coming back even then

Iíve checked you all daily

You who are so special

But Viv is coming

Maybe she will talk me back

Iíve never anything important to say to you

Just my family , my travels , my hound from hell

Yes my hound from hell

Heís 11 now , most of his guts are missing

A belligerent hound, hates every one until heís introduced

When he is a fawning hound

Taught Barry alsations are soft

Well heís soft

Heís a baby

But never approach our van

Heís in killer mode then


patp 13-04-2019 06:34

Oh go on Sandra. Just a little visit every now and then.
I strongly advise you to leave the subscribers lounge well alone. It nearly did for me :(

What about if I try and get around to reporting our winter in Spain? Will that make you feel better, or, possibly, not.

aldra 13-04-2019 17:16

Itís been a hard Lent

Next doors tree blew down in the gales

Landed on the van

Luckily our ivy clad wall which also landed on our van, protected it

We payed half towards the emergency tree surgeon , why I havenít a clue, his tree, but there you go

Donít you wish you had neighbours like us ?

So two hundred pound down

And the pond started to leak big time

So it all needs to be sealed

Starting with the filters where we will put the fish whilst we tackle the main pond , a seriously big pond

Young Albert helping, £6 an hour, plus meals , plus smart phone time ,

The weather is great at the moment

Waiting now for the seal to cure

The fish?

Well they are still alive

Next door has two dogs and we cannot enter the back garden without excessive barking

Which at the moment starts at 8 and goes on till five , mon- friday as we are in the garden

Shadow is useless

I thought an aggressive bark or two would shut them up

But he ignores them

The front garden is his domain to protect

The van, the tricycle well in the background now


jiwawa 13-04-2019 21:17

Boy you were lucky with the van!!

Have you had a go on the trike yet Sandra?

Pudsey_Bear 14-04-2019 14:47

I thought you said you were leaving Sandra, admit it, you can't go, you'd have no one to talk to.

Drew 14-04-2019 16:50

After fasting for 40 days and 40 nights I am sure Sandra will be preparing a family feast for Easter and if I remember she will have an Easter egg hunt in the garden for the children.

aldra 14-04-2019 19:55


Originally Posted by Pudsey_Bear (Post 3026089)
I thought you said you were leaving Sandra, admit it, you can't go, you'd have no one to talk to.

What do you mean pudsey

I have loads of people to talk too

Just not you lot, most of whom Iíve never met

But those I have are no longer faceless people

When you stop communicating

It gets harder to resume , the banter missing

And some would prefer you didnít return

It takes time to fall in love again

And you know me

I fall in love

Or I donít

Drew, youíre right , my kids and grandkids mean Easter


aldra 14-04-2019 20:07

And I have a new grandchild

One I wasnít sure I wanted

One I wasnít sure was my grandchild

But no doubt he is

He has the berry birthmark

He loves his food

And although at 75 I didnít really welcome another grandchild

He is delightful

And as I gaze at him

Well heís a combination of kids and grandkids

And Iíve only got to feed him

As other grandkids say

The rule is youíve got to eat at grandmas when you visit

And she cooks the things you like best

Which needs memory

Because there is 11 of them now


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