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patp 25-04-2019 18:03

Did you ever find out about the pain clinic Sandra?

Chris is not allowed to mention his pain in front of our daughter (a physiotherapist) because she has told him, countless times, that there are answers out there but they need to come from specialists. These specialists can prescribe drugs that can be taken along side other medication and by people with various ailments that preclude them from taking the usual drugs.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to find out that you could be pain free?

aldra 25-04-2019 18:40

Now I didnít Pat

No referral was made

In desperation I allow myself two ibuprofen a day

Sod my kidneys

When arthritis first started to impact my life

It took two years before the GP listened

I was a hypochondriac

He told me my bloods were fine , I was fine, I could hardly walk

And finally I told him to get me a wheelchair

He referred XRays

And found I have a type of arthritis due to calcium crystals in joints and ligaments

The flare ups I was not imagining

When I couldnít walk, I couldn't walk

So alls gone well from then?

Well it hasnít, tablets to relieve pain I canít take

They have found others?

Well no

They havenít bothered

Itís been two years since I saw the rheumatologist

And steadily Iím getting worse

Iím thinking should I get a toilet seat that raises it , cos sometimes itís hard

Seats are a problem

And when Iím invited out I worry

Can I sit down

And more importantly get up again

At home I have a seat

I can eat at the table

And who knows when I begin to ride on the trike

Iíll be transformed


patp 25-04-2019 19:32

Ask at reception in your surgery to see if you can self refer to a Pain Clinic. I know you can self refer to a physiotherapist so it may be possible to get yourself an appointment without having to persuade your GP.
They are the specialists. It is their passion to help people cope with their pain so make use of them.

jiwawa 26-04-2019 11:08

Sandra, I'm sure in your working life you advised many patients on ways around their difficulties. Perhaps you should apply the same thinking to your own situation? I know you're fighting against getting older and less able, but in doing that you're making life much more difficult than it need be.

A cleaner, as suggested, is an obvious answer to one of your difficulties - and if the first doesn't work out, try another.

Install a high toilet seat - we did when we moved to our ground-floor apartment shortly before my husband died. We weren't going to get any younger, and it's been great.

Pursue the pain clinic as advised by Pat - and then work on acceptance! (said in a supportive manner)

aldra 26-04-2019 17:36

I know Iím having difficulties

I know Iím getting older

It was just too sudden for me

Iím no spring chicken, nor do I expect to be

I just didnít expect this

That my body would give up before my mind

Not cancer or as yet any life threatening illness

Although my heart valve is pushing its last in years

Somehow that doesnít matter, I knew when I chose a tissue valve itís life was limited

But I didnít expect my bloody joints to give up the ghost

Trap me in a situation that I canít seem to sort out

My little bit of a cow I can talk to , itís me and him or maybe her

And we have an agreement he/ she will do the best they can

My joints, ligaments are strangers

Will my bit of a cow desert me too .??


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