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aldra 30-08-2018 19:32

Weíre off
Not so keen

But weíre off soon
Our son is moving in

Is due a baby , His partner

Iím really stressed trying to get out

How I wish I loved that MH

But I donít

Iím so worried that Iíll be trapped in it

But trapped or not

The house is theirs

And maybe Iíll wind down

I feelso stressed

I hardly sleep

I wake up early , worry

Then read a book every night

To cast out worries

But Iím so tired the next day


patp 31-08-2018 07:48

Sandra, I feel the same. It is because of all the caring you are doing. Getting away will, at least, change the pattern of thinking about all that is going on in your life. Try to switch off from it all and take in all the sights and sounds of somewhere different that does not remind you of your caring duties.

Chris and I had a few days away in a dog friendly hotel. Dinner, bed and breakfast. It was like an apartment with a small galley kitchen and a lounge for my early hours reading sessions. Not having to worry about feeding ourselves was so relaxing. The dog was quite well behaved for a six month old Cocker Spaniel. Someone came and cleaned the room while we were at breakfast. Bliss.

I am also having reflexology, crystal balancing and the odd massage to ease the tension.

I hope you find some peace and are able to relax and enjoy yourself.

aldra 31-08-2018 19:01

Well chased out of our house

Not really but its promised to others

We are packing the van

And it could be my saviour

Iím so tired , not sleeping well

I so hoped for a three wheeler electric trike

But I donít think that will happen this trip

Havenít even booked the tunnel yet

Not a clue where we going

But maybe this will be a great trip


barryd 31-08-2018 19:28

Can you not go an check out those bikes in Holland Sandra? Could give you something to focus on but would you have the means to carry it if you get one on this trip? If not get yourselves down to somewhere sunny and warm with a nice view and some decent wine, bit chat with a few people maybe and just relax. Let the sunshine warm your joints, you will feel better. Probably. :D Do you want a Rock God Baz CD for the journey?

aldra 31-08-2018 19:48

You know babe

Iíd love you for the journey

Just to hug me every day

Well be fine and Iíll annoy you all with pictures and accounts of my journey

I can only do day to day on line with photos

And pay for MIFI

But there is a button to ignore it

But who the hell will ignore me ?

Iíll bumble along, warn you all of the bad things

Delight in the good

And who would want to ignore the MHF hound from hell ,

8 stone of completely mad hound

Attacking everyone in sight of the MH , travelling or static

Fawning over everyone else once introduced

Swimming , running with the bike

Enjoying his holiday

Well be fine


JanHank 01-09-2018 16:23

Haven't you gone yet?
We've been and back again.:grin2:

Drew 01-09-2018 16:30

Welcome back Jan, I trust you and Hans had a lovely uneventful time.

aldra 01-09-2018 18:36


Originally Posted by JanHank (Post 2984041)
Haven't you gone yet?
We've been and back again.:grin2:

We never go until sept

Sept, Oct

Weíre a bit late this year

And our house will be taken over by our son and his newly pregnant partner , her 2 kids and our Izzy

Whose far from easy

Itís just been newly decorated throughout

And I quivered

Did I want three kids and a baby in my house ?

And a partner I donít really know ?

And more to the point

I flee for home when home calls

This time Iíll have to ignore the call

Stay where I am

Itís just a house I tell myself

And it is

And the relief on their face when we told them they could stay here was priceless

So maybe grandchild number 11 will delight me the same as the other ten

Even though Iím not sure

But if it is Iíll know the moment I set eyes on it

And if itís not ?

Well neither is my Izzy , my adopted grandchild

Much like me she once belonged to no one

Until my son adopted her

A baby who was hard to raise , damaged by alcohol

And hopefully this family will continue to support her

Goodness knows sheís the apple of our sons eye

Difficulties not withstanding

Itís a funny thing is life


JanHank 01-09-2018 18:43

Do stop worrying woman, --- says one of the worlds worst worriers :frown2:

We came home to an infestation of flies, they are from the cow muck they were spreading before we left.

aldra 01-09-2018 18:55

Yes but did you come home to baby thatís not your sons
It could be his , he says it is

But she was still living with her husband

And he didnít know till later

And he thought she was divorced

She seems nice

But then again I seem nice >:)

Can be deceptive :grin2:


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