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achapman 25-10-2017 13:07

Motorhome Equipment
If this is in the wrong place.....please move it to the correct place.

As l said we hired an Autoquest 196 for 5 days last week and the family had a great time. However as we have never done anything like this before we had a few queries.

1. Is it normal for no speakers in the back i.e. where the kids would be strapped in?

2. When the ignition goes on Mon of the lights work in the back so the kids cannot read books etc?

3. How noisy should the heating system be?

4. When driving the vehicle there is no way to heat the others in the back?

5. There is no place to charge portable devices on the backseats when driving.

As l said l may be over thinking things as l have never done this before.

Thanks in advance

rayrecrok 25-10-2017 13:23

What motorhome did you get?. On my motorhome everything you ask about works, but there again I can put the blown air heating on as we travel along if needed to heat the habitation area.

Edit.. I see from your other post you had an Autoquest 196, someone will come along who has this van to answer your questions fully I am sure, otherwise Cabby is spot on, we all adjust the vans to conform with what we need if it is not on the van, here the world is your oyster with add ons!.


cabby 25-10-2017 13:28

You will find that all UK built motorhomes suffer this in basic form.When you have your own you will be able to customise to your own choices.

achapman 25-10-2017 13:36

It was an Autoquest 196 we hired. It was a pain as l thought these things would be standard. At least it gave us a checklist of things we would want in a Motorhome before we buy

GMJ 25-10-2017 14:52

My fist motorhome came with "en route" heating which allows the gas heating to be on in the back so that it stays at the temp you want (useful if you have people travelling in the back).

My second motorhome didn't have it so I had it fitted...around 500 from memory.

Graham :smile2:

bc109 25-10-2017 15:55

@cabby; Not only English motorhomes...also German ones.
Mains: one socket at the front, one socket at the back, hidden in the TV box. Two 12V in odd places.
Nothing else.
It all takes time and thought to get what you need where you need it.
Now we have two mains sockets at the front, three in the back, one by the hob, two double USB's an extra cigar lighter socket for the 12V bicycle pump and if any more are needed the boss will soon tell me. We still have to double up on the dashboard cigar lighter socket.
Are new motorhomes any better ?

raynipper 25-10-2017 16:00

Yes Andrew, you have found out the easy and sensible way about extras in vans.
I personally don't know what make of van would encompass all the things you require but I have been sadly disappointed in a few I have looked at recently that only had one power outlet in the whole van. Plus few seem to have ovens now and some only two gas burners. So our 'want' list is growing.


GMJ 25-10-2017 16:57

In terms of how noisy the heating should be I find that with my Truma Combi 6E...

- On electric both heating and water heating are almost inaudible.
- On gas the heater audibly fires up and then runs louder than when on electric.
- If switched off and then put back on (with gas or electric) within, say 15-20 mins, the system then does have a very loud blower presumably to clear any build up of hot air that occurred after it was switched off. This soon dies down however.

In essence in normal running it is barely audible...

Graham :smile2:

aldra 25-10-2017 18:58

We have a heater in the back

Can be run on cool

Never used it, we don't travel much in winter

And in summer have aircon

There is just the two of us so now back passengers


jiwawa 25-10-2017 19:08

Andrew, there are 2 ways you can have heat in the back while travelling (maybe more, I don't know).

1. You can have a secumotion regulator system for the gas that allows you to use the gas while on the move (otherwise that's a rather dangerous thing to do)

2. You can have a heat-exchanger that uses heat from the engine to blow hot air to the back.

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