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Penquin 21-01-2015 22:23

PLEASE READ - this could be a life-saver
This very sad event is being reported by BBC News;

Caravan deaths

it concerns two tragic deaths currently being investigated by the Police and HSE as potentially a Carbon monoxide linked incident.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check you have a properly fitted and functioning carbon monoxide alarm in your motorhome.

It could be YOUR life that is saved, or that of your loved ones.....

Thanks, for bearing with me - you can hopefully see why I "shouted" in the title - for which, my apologies if it has caused offence.


wakk44 22-01-2015 08:15

A timely warning at this time of year.The most likely scenario is that they had the heating on all night and went to bed and a fault developed with the heating system which caused poisonous carbon monoxide fumes to leak into the caravan.

I haven't got a carbon monoxide detector fitted in the motorhome but intend to get one now,thanks for the heads up Dave P.

113016 22-01-2015 08:44

Agree Dave! We have two carbon monoxide and two smoke alarms fitted to different area's of our van

daffodil 22-01-2015 09:27

This is not only sad but avoidable ,

This was one of the first posts I got involved with on this site and as qualified Gas fitter I had expounded upon this very scenario,

They should be a legal requirement,Mandatory I.E no arguements what so ever (non of this freedom of choice drivel)

The properties we Rent out in the UK have to have a gas certificate and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors fitted as well as electrical etc

Here is mine in the Daffodil fitted and working (hypocrite I aint)

wobby 22-01-2015 10:06

The cost of carbon monoxide detector is so little that it's a no brainer not having one in a van. Those most at risk are the vans with the old type fire that vent through the roof as these fire are not balance flue and therefore not room sealed. I believe the new ones, such as the Truma S type, are now all room sealed and therefore present no hazard. However better safe than sorry and fit a C/O detector.


Zebedee 22-01-2015 10:12


wobby said:- I believe the new ones, such as the Truma S type, are now all room sealed and therefore present no hazard.
Didn't know that Wobby, so thanks for today's "something new"! :wink:

I would still have an alarm though - just in case. I'm a bit cavalier about some of the ultra-safety practices we are told to adopt these days, but carbon monoxide isn't called "The Silent Killer" for nothing!

Dave :D

Penquin 22-01-2015 13:23

I knew that Truma's are room sealed, but the oven and the gas hobs are not of course....

I have also heard of people using the small Cadac inside......

I was told that Lidl have CO alarms cheap w.e.f. Monday but cannot find any link to it, so it may be an old offer, but B&Q have them from 13.74 and if you wait till Wednesday and use your Diamond card that comes down to less than 12.50

What price a life?

Please, encourage anyone that you see or know to ensure that they have one fitted, and that it has been checked to be working.......


rosalan 22-01-2015 13:32

Fortunately we have both alarms fitted but the sad thing is that many of the least expensive vans and older vans that would perhaps be most susceptible to gas leaks or possibly faulty equipment, may be the last to have extra money spent on alarms.
Either Aldi or Lidles were selling these alarms last year I believe, at a very low cost.



barryd 22-01-2015 15:05

I think I got ours from B&Q a few years ago. 10-15 something like that.

Its housed about chest height 2-3 ft above but set back from the fire in the back lounge. I just got some of those wonderful 3M sticky velcro things and stuck it on the shelf. Dead easy, even for me.

I never leave the heating on all night though anyway.

Years ago a mate of mine and myself nearly copped it on a boat. Flipping thing had no heater so after a boozy lunchtime on a cold day back at the boat in the front cabin I (stupidly I know and I know better now) lit the two gas rings to warm the place up. 8O

We were both completely zonked out an hour later with both rings still lit and it was only my pal off another boat who came banging on the door to see what we were up to that woke us, just in time I suspect. We both had really bad headaches for ages.

blondel 22-01-2015 15:46

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