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I keep hearing people saying they do not want to be ruled by "Brussels" or "Them" or "Foreign rule" etc etc. I dont understand this. Please tell me if I am wrong but are we not a BIG part of "Them"?

As I understand it there is a European Parliament and a European Commission.

The European Parliament is made up of MEP's from the member states and the European Commission is the EU's executive body. It represents the interests of the European Union as a whole (not the interests of individual countries) and is made up of 1 President, 7 Vice-Presidents and 20 Commissioners. The current president is from Luxembourg and each member has a representative on the commission.

From what I can see from the chart below we have 72 MEP's, the same as France and Italy and only topped by Germany but they represent a lot of people in our case. Thats how I understand it. Why then do people insist or telling me we are being ruled by Brussels? Is there a little room somewhere with some people we don't know about making all the decisions or what? If we have all this representation then surely we are a big voice in Europe and should be a big hitter. It looks to me like we should have some clout and Brussels is just a place for an office.

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