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I think the border between Northern Ireland and the South clearly demonstrates the impossibility of closing a border - there can never be 100% security - hence why Donald Trump wants to build a massive wall separating Mexico form the US - even though that will rapidly be surpassed by tunnels or ladders or even hot air balloons to cross the secure wall.... if it ever gets built.....

The internet is a major risk and that cannot be stopped a the border - ask the Chinese authorities how efficient their schemes are at doing that.......

The North Korean regime is th only one that has succeeded and that is by banning the carriage of mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. - we have a friend who was invited to visit North Korea to check on their manufacture of optical drops for sterility and safety (she works for a German optical mission when not as a pharmacist and has done long periods in Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia, China and many other countries) she was told to leave all such electronic equipment at the border but did manage to take a digital camera in with her on the proviso that every picture was approved before she left - which was done with careful checks by the authorities), and does any other country want to take that route to control?

With 3D printing it is now possible to build a weapon out of printed material which will fire normal cartridges;

So, if terrorists want to manufacture weapons in a closed country that would not be impossible, but as a Kalashnikov (AK47) costs less than $50 in some countries why bother?

So the UK answer to security by "snooping" on communications is probably the best form of defence and detection of such acts - if you have nothing to fear does it matter if someone else is aware who you are communicating with?

I have no worries that someone may be registering that I am active on MHF - it is hardly going to upset anyone......

If that is the price of safety, I am willing to pay it, but border controls as they exist to enter the UK are correct and do not cause me any concern, if they were removed that would cause concerns.....


Remember Jo Cox and what she stood for.

Any comments above are only MY OPINION and should be read as that.
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