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Originally Posted by GEMMY View Post
You forgot T B Liar and Mandelson, now they were ALWAYS right, n'est pas ?

I wish I COULD forget T B Liar and Milly Molly but sadly they are as responsible for so many problems that it is impossible to ignore their antics.....

I was simply concentrating on the fools in the spotlight at the present......

and there are many of them, sorry I should have called them MP's or MEP's rather than fools - they cannot be regarded as total fools as they have somehow persuaded us all to pay their exorbitant salary and even more outrageous expenses claims.... at a rate that no-one else could possibly generate......

If the Trade Descriptions Act applied to Politicians we would all be MUCH better off and MUCH better informed and they would not risk being summonsed for their less than truthful descriptions in such things as Manifesto.......

and yes, I do have a very poor view of ALL politicians of all persuasions EXCEPT perhaps Martin Bell who seemed totally honest - avery rare, in not unique, attribute in politicians at all levels....


Remember Jo Cox and what she stood for.

Any comments above are only MY OPINION and should be read as that.

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