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Ranbir 16-08-2020 18:34

Fresh water Tank
Absolute beginner!Have just purchased a 2008 BessacarrE410. Re Fresh water tank. Should I fill up at home or travel with an empty tank and fill up at camp site.How do I drain the water tank on this model. Do I need to get under the vans? I assume I need to buy a hose to fill up?Any advice as to which hose?

Pudsey_Bear 17-08-2020 08:27

Hi Ranbir, it depends on how much payload you have usually, 1 litre weighs 1 KG, we travel with a full tank from home, and we use a standard garden hose, just let it run for a minute or two each time of use and empty it as you coil it up, tanks vary, some you have to unscrew a large lid, then put your hand in to release a rubber bung, some have a tap under the tank.

raynipper 17-08-2020 08:46

Yes, we used to always travel with at least half a tank as you could not always guarantee topping up at the destination.


jiwawa 17-08-2020 23:31

If you have the payload I would fill up at home till you see how much you go through - if you never use more than half a tank there's no point lugging the other half!

If you always stay at a campsite there's no problem if you run out. If you stay off-grid you need to carry a bit more for safety.

I use a food grade hose like this but to be honest I think an ordinary hose would do. Mine is lightweight tho and easy to empty.

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