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rws4711 02-02-2020 02:41

We are back ( in April )
After we sold our hymer B 564 back to the previous owner we are now the pride owner of a Pilote g742 Explorateur Diamond Edition 2012.
We made the deal with an old friend before we flow back to Australia in September , as he purchased a new vehicle. We will pick up our new baby in April and will spent around 13ó15 months in Europe before shipping the motorhome back to Australia. Our intention is to register the vehicle in Germany after we been rejected by lots of UK insurance companies because we donít have a resident status. We hope to see our old friends in the uk again and make new ones on our travels.
Does anybody know if the headlights on the Pilote can be adjusted or need replacing.

jiwawa 02-02-2020 11:59

Can't answer the question but I'm green with envy at your plan to spend 13-15 months in Europe! We'll soon be (maybe already are?) restricted to 90 days in - is it 6mths?

H1-GBV 02-02-2020 12:52

I would have thought that the same rules would apply to any "third country" residents.


rws4711 02-02-2020 13:16

Both my wife and I are duel passport holders. She has a British and Australian passport and I carry a German and Australian pass.
So traveling in europe will be no problems , given that nothing changes before end of December 2020 anyhow

jiwawa 02-02-2020 22:07

Yes, but you're starting in September 2020....for 13-15 months.... And your wife is non-EU...?

Penquin 02-02-2020 22:30

But she is the wife of a German citizen so can travel AFAIK.

I do not know about the headlights but if you are touring Europe and the vehicle was originally registered in Germany then you would be OK while touring in Europe. When it Gomes to shipping back to Australia then the vehicle would have to comply with Australian laws and that may require specific dipping to left rather than straight as most vehicles now do.

I believe the lights on new vehicles are now dipped straight ahead, with the specific side required being done by an adjustment of one dipped beam downwards.

BUT that is not absolute but Gomes from new car info that we are currently looking at.

rws4711 02-02-2020 23:35

As far as I understand the Situation until the end of 2020 my wife will be able to travel freely in Europe without any visa. What is happening after that , I think not even the gentlemen in no.10 Downing Street nor the guys in Brussels know. We will start our trip in April and will have at last 8 months to see what is happening after that.
The reason we are staying that long in Europe is the Australian import regulations. The Motorhome has to be registered and owned by us for 1 year before we can ship it back home. We also have to stay out of the country to be treated as returning resident to avoid any duties for the vehicle on our return. We have done this 8 years ago with our Itenio and it certainly was worth it.

raynipper 03-02-2020 06:51

I assume the new van is RHD.?


patp 03-02-2020 06:58

Our, 2014 and 2015, cars both have centrally dipped headlights.

Very interesting about the over 90 day stay. I have never really understood the ruling. Is it that you can spend 90 days in one country as long as you don't return to that country within 180 days? What is the reason? Is it to prevent people taking up residence without registering with the local authorities?

rws4711 03-02-2020 11:26

Yes it certainly is otherwise I would not be able to ship it down under and get it registered.

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