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Originally Posted by HarleyDave View Post
If nothing else it seems to demonstrate that not all the young guys trying to get to UK are "baddies"

OK - Not from the BBC, so perhaps not quite unbiased (or is it?) but it seemed to show there may be value in some of the would-be immigrants - they have already shown their determination (desperation?) by getting this far - could well be valuable members of society - given a chance.

It makes me sad anyway...


Valuable in what way Dave? How can you tell what they are like from a short film!
Also apart from the young family in the film, they are mostly young fit men from Syria and other countries in the middle east in Calais.When you see footage on the news of Syria,you mostly see women,children and older people who have been left to fend for themselves by these so called `valuable young men` as you put it!
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