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tviall 05-10-2011 08:02

Is your van tested correctly - MOT class 4 or 7?
I can't believe that I have had my van for 3 years already and it's now due it's first MOT test.

All motorhomes are Class 4, or at least that's what I thought.

I have seen come correspondence from the DoT/VOSA that says that if you carry non essential camping equipment in your van you are effectively a goods vehicle and should therefore be tested appropriately. In my case, a 5 tonne Autotrail Cheiftain, this would be a Class 7 test.

Up to now I just used my 'van garage for storing the BBQ, chairs etc but more recently I carry my scooter in there and a friend of mine stores his golf clubs in there. Both items could be regarded as "non essential".

So now I have some questions and would like some guidance from the Police/Industry.

The letter from DOT/VOSA makes it quite clear that if I carry a bag of golf clubs in the back of my van I should get my first MOT done after it's first year and every year thereafter and it should be a Class 7 test.

But, if I assume that all motorhomes are Class 4 and test it as a class 4 would the police stop me for not having the appropriate MOT certificate if when they stopped me I had golf clubs in the back?

Does anyone know if anyone has been stopped?

Are there any police online who could shed some light on what they would do if they stopped a Class 4 MOT tested motorhome and found a scooter on the back?

Any help would be gratefully received.


JP 05-10-2011 08:19

Our previous MH was a garage model and once when I took it for a test without the scooter I was told that if the scooter was inside it would have to be a class 7.
Personally I don't agree as the scooter is part of the equipment I would use for my holiday.
I think what they are trying to catch are the people who have a conversion for something like motocross bikes where the garage is a large part of the vehicle and the accommodation is to facilitate the main use which is a motor sport support vehicle.

Rapide561 05-10-2011 08:20


I started a similar thread in the summer due to my MOT being due.

I called VOSA who advised I was class 4, despite the weight and size, as I would not be carrying goods on a commercial basis.


asprn 05-10-2011 08:21

Re: Is your van tested correctly - MOT class 4 or 7?
Frankly, I think you should take some anti-worry pills & drive your motorhome down to its MoT with Radio 2 on. You may live longer. :)

And that's serious advice.


Hymervanman 05-10-2011 09:00

All motorhomes are classed by VOSA as Class4 , easy to check- next time at your MOT station, take at look at the chart that they must display- it shows all the classes of vehicles and motorhomes are Class4. There may be an issue as to whether a Class4 station can test it though due to the size and weight. I had to take ours to a Class 7 station to get it on the ramp- it is still tested as a Class 4 vehicle though.

Traveller_HA5_3DOM 05-10-2011 09:32

I agree with Asprn on this. I would add that the test on any legislation is not what the Police, Crown prosecution service, DVLA or anyone else think, it is the decision reached by the courts when considering the facts of each case. That is how the legal profession earn their living.

Very few pieces of legislation can fit all the possible circumstances.

In regard to your question on the carriage of goods I think that the fact that the things you carry with you are not for commercial delivery to somewhere or are for your own consumption as in beer, wine and cigarettes would enable the carriage of what is in fact personal goods, CPS would be on a hiding to nothing to take a case to court and those sort of odds do not appeal to them

rayc 05-10-2011 10:01

This came about because VOSA started to flex their muscles and catagorise MH's over 3500kg with garages as 'Living Vans'. Totally ridiculous of course but if you want to see the correspondance with DFT / VOSA go to the link below and click MOT in the list:

bognormike 05-10-2011 10:05


I agree with the others on this, if it's just a motorhome, used for holidays and such, then no problem - class 4. But if you do normally have a motorbike on board, don't take it when having the MOT!

and you quote the letter - if you carry golf clubs it should be class 7 - that's ridiculous! Surely if that's the case, anybody taking golf clubs with them in their car should have the car MOT'd as a class 7 :?

inkey-2008 05-10-2011 10:16

As your location is Kent give these guys a ring, Tomsett 01795 841007 They will set you straight.
Good place to have yuor MOT and get a free hot cup of tea or coffee not from a machine.

They are located near Sittingbourne near to the M2 motorway on the sittingbourne/Maidstone Road.


JeanLuc 05-10-2011 10:32

Common sense must prevail - a motorhome should be tested as a class 4 vehicle. Just don't tempt fate by turning up at the MOT centre with a garage loaded with scooter, toolkit, golf clubs, generator etc. Clear it out save for a couple of folding chairs and some spare household chemicals perhaps?

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