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Glandwr 14-05-2015 20:16

The weight plate, where does it need to be?
There is a sticker next to the steps and hab door on our Hymer (a LHD import) that gives the wts, gross wt, max axle wt etc. etc.

Is it a legal requirement under UK vehicle legislation to display these on the exterior? I ask because it is starting to deteriorate and peel off. Could I just do away with it? Is the same information available elsewhere? I have looked but couldn’t find it.


rayrecrok 14-05-2015 20:25



philoaks 14-05-2015 20:29

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On my Autotrail the weight plates are under the bonnet on the front panel where the bonnet catch is mounted.

There are 2 plates, one is the original Fiat Ducato plate and the second is a stick on one fitted by Autotrail after the conversion with the amended weights on it.

This second plate sounds like what you have on the door frame. Is there a similar one under the bonnet too?

I don't know that the positioning is a legal requirement but presumably the presence of the sticker is.

Glandwr 14-05-2015 21:21

It's an import so that it would have had to satisfy the German regs. not ours when new. It is in full view on the side of the van and is starting to look a bit tatty, not discretely on the door frame. I suppose I could peel it off and stick it under the bonnet if that satisfies our regs.. As I said I have looked everywhere for another and there is no mention in the handbook.


rayrecrok 14-05-2015 21:28

What model and year is the Hymer?..


Glandwr 14-05-2015 21:40

S740 2003 (reg here 2004)

erneboy 14-05-2015 22:39

Have a new one made Dick fit it under the bonnet.

HurricaneSmith 14-05-2015 22:41

I don't think it can be a legal requirement to have the weights on external display Dick.

The original Fiat plate on my van is covered by a piece of removable plastic inside the driver's door, and the amended Autotrail converter plate is riveted in the stepwell, on the inside of the habitation door.

I can't see Autotrail getting the position wrong.

peribro 14-05-2015 23:13

I'm pretty certain it doesn't have to be external - think about cars where they are either on the door frame or under the bonnet. My current van is German and has it on the outside but I have subsequently uprated the weights and put the new plate on display under the bonnet. If the current one is peeling then you will need to get a new one as I think it is a requirement to have one - as well as being convenient if stopped and asked to prove your permitted weights.

EJB 15-05-2015 08:34

Both of mine are under the bonnet as per philoaks.

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