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Great idea Tuggy, what a star! What're you doing next week? Got time to make a pair for me?? I know exactly what you mean. My fixed bed does have gas struts but they are utterly useless when trying to life the bed (to get stuff out of the store underneath) when the bedding is on it. It's such a fag moving everything off the bed when I need to lift it.

I too have tried all sorts of makeshift solutions, none of which worked. I have envisaged myself being found cut in two with my rear end hanging out of the storage like those (half) Garfield softies one used to find hanging out of car boots. (Remember those car owners with a peverse sense of humour?)

They don't seem to be around any more - the Garfields that is, not the drivers..


"When I was 17 the boys used to call me "Coke-bottle-legs". Fifty years later, they are still like Coke bottles. Sadly, the 2 litre version!"
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