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A little workshop pottering

I've only been MHing for a couple of years, so I'm still learning and working out ways to make life easier.

My rear lounge seats don't have gas struts and are rather heavy to hold up with one arm while rummaging in the nether regions. I've used a variety of inelegant props to hold them up, but this tended to stress the front upstand, so I thought up this solution.

They're just laminated from pieces of ply in my scrap bin. The cheek pieces are 120mm x 50mm and the lower jaw has some thin closed-cell foam sheet to prevent damage to the upstand.

The weight of the seat no longer makes the upstand bow, so I'm well happy. I'll make a little pocket to attach behind the upstand, so they're handy to access.

A nice little project to keep me out of the rain.

I'm daft and proud of it.
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