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bigstoo 30-07-2020 14:52

CI Pegaso Electrics
Hi everyone.

I have a 2001 CI Pegaso on a 2.8 Ducato chassis.

I've recently fitted solar to it and I'm in the process of trying to unpick the various modifications to the electrics that previous owners have done.

They had, for example, fitted a VSR to the habitation batteries so they disconnected from the system if they dropped below 12.3v. This, I presume, was because they had wired an inverter to those batteries. Unfortunately that means that if the VSR disconnects those batteries the rest of the electrics are running solely from the starter battery. I've taken the VSR out as I don't really use the inverter and the solar charge controller was causing the relay to click on and off as the sun comes up in the morning.

It's my understanding (from the very meagre manual that is supplied with the van) that the starter battery should only connected to the rest of the system when either it is plugged in to EHU or the engine is running. Is that correct? I presume the Nordelettronica TE01 electroblock should be what is switching it by monitoring the voltage on both batteries?
This isn't the case with mine, and looking at the rats nest of wiring under the bonnet, someone has made it so the starter battery is linked into the habitation system permanently.

What I would like to do is return it to as close to stock as possible.

Does anyone on here have a CI motorhome of a similar vintage? It would be great if someone who has could upload a photo of the battery area under the bonnet so I could have an educated guess of what was there from the factory and what has been added later.

Thanks in advance

jiwawa 01-08-2020 16:40

Hi Stuart, and welcome to the forum.

My starter battery is involved in the system in that anything coming from solar panels will ensure that the starter battery gets its share.

As to the actual mechanics, I'll leave that to others to explain! Hopefully the experts will see your post now that it has a bump.

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