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Perseus 20-02-2011 13:51

IH motor campers......?
I have been seriously looking at changing my van for an IH Tio RL with 2 single beds.

What puts me off is the van is the price :evil:
but I was wondering if anyone on here can recommend the vans or has experience of them.

I have searched the forums and can nothing about IH vans....perhaps the price puts other people off as well!!

artona 20-02-2011 14:03

Nice vans aren't they but as you say, what a price.

manners1 20-02-2011 14:33

Have you looked at these Ive had a Cub TR for 7 months and can recommend them, i personal think the finish is far superior than the iH.

artona 20-02-2011 14:36

Cub Tr looks nice. What I have noticed recently is that the van conversion market is becoming a fierce war between converters as they try to add more and cleverer aspects


Perseus 20-02-2011 14:42

ih motor campers.....?
Yes, manners, we have looked long and hard at Vantage campers, but somehow, to our eyes, they didn't have the same refinements as the IH. Better value for money? Hard to say, really.

I am talking about the panel van conversions, not the coachbuilts :o . You need to win the lottery to buy one of those.

We have looked very carefully at all the PVC vans on the market and each time we come down in favour of IH.....except for the price.

Addie 20-02-2011 15:04

I have mixed views on IH. There is no denying the solid wood and build quality of the vans but I feel the prices are artificially high.

I looked at a TioR fixed bed in the private market for £14k on a 53 plate and under 20k miles - the same van on IH's own website was knocking on £30k. Speaking to IH they readily admit they have a small cult following who change vans regularly. I feel they keep their second hand prices artificially high. They took issue with me at the NEC telling me that "I didn't want a fixed bed..." errr, I'll be the judge of that thanks!

Are you looking for twin 'fixed' beds or made up singles? If fixed, look at the Adria Twin SL, Globecar 636SB or (coachbuilt but slimlime) Bustner Travelvan 620G.

The-Clangers 20-02-2011 16:34

I have a Vantage Max, and can honestly say apart from a loose pipe on the waste tank, there has been nothing gone wrong with it in nearly 2 years. Some nice touches like the built in fan heater with remote control, so you switch it on from bed and make it nice n warm before you get up. However, the style is a bit more clinical compared to IH and we looked at both carefully.

Rapido have just brought out a couple of PVC's that look nice, one with a fixed bed. Have a look at them on their website. They have also changed the front of the vans, so do not quite look like Fiats.


viator 20-02-2011 16:50

The Globecar 636SB is a panel van conversion on the extra long Ducato. I have the brochures from the NEC.

Addie 20-02-2011 17:07


Originally Posted by viator
The Globecar 636SB is a panel van conversion on the extra long Ducato. I have the brochures from the NEC.

That is correct, 6.36m rather than 5.99m on the 'standard' van. It is also the Maxi Chassis so you get the full 3.5T payload.

Perseus 20-02-2011 19:11

IH motor campers.......?
As there has been no response from any IH owners, it makes me think that they don't read MHF.

As someone responded, IH has a cult following and perhaps the owners don't consider MHF a suitable site for their plaudits and grumbles?

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