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bazel 23-06-2012 12:01

Gear box failure on Oregon R.
Hi all,
I'm the owner of an IH Oregon R on an 07 plate. It has only done 26.500 miles, coming back from Scotland, it broke down and after being towed home to my local garage, I was told that my gear box has completly broken down.
Has anyone had any dealings with Fiat customer services, as I believe that a motorhome with only 26.500 miles should not have this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Barrie.

javea 23-06-2012 12:29

Hi Barrie, sorry to hear about your problem. I had a lot of contact with Fiat about the judder on 3 litre based Fiats - I am sorry to say that it got me, and a lot of others, absolutely nowhere and that was early in the guarantee period.

As your vehicle is 5 years old unfortunately I don't think you will get anywhere with them. Have you thought of contacting gearbox specialists who may be able to repair the problem without the expense of a complete new box.


bazel 23-06-2012 14:05

Hi Mike, I'm going to phone Fiat customer services on Monday. I've heard of the judder problem on the 3 litre gear box, but mine is complete failure. I was cruising in 6th gear and lost all use of the gear box. Although my van is 5 years old, I'm hoping that Fiat will help towards the cost of replacing the gear box as I believe that such a major break down should not occur after only 26500 miles.
Thanks for your reply, I will keep everyone updated on Fiat's response.
Regards, Barrie.

DTPCHEMICALS 23-06-2012 14:43

A tale of woe.
Low mileage and gearbox failure.

My last two works fiats have covered of 150k miles each on original clutches at that.

Dave p

ched999uk 23-06-2012 16:52

I would say that you also need to get quotes from decent gearbox repair places to remove, repair and refit the gearbox. The reason I say that is that while you might be very lucky and Fiat will 'contribute' to a replacement, the cost you have to pay the Fiat dealer might still be way more than a gearbox specialist!!!

Good Luck hope it's fixed as quick and easily as possible.

bazel 25-06-2012 18:57

Gear box failure on Oregon R.
Hi all, phoned Fiat customer services today, not much response. As van is over 5yrs old and doesn't have a full Fiat service history they said it would be very unlikely they would contribute to my breakdown.
Took Mike's advice and contacted a local gearbox specialist. I have been told it might be the clutch that has broken, I will post an update when i get a true picture of what happened.
Thanks Barrie

bazel 29-06-2012 19:49

Hi all, just got my van back, it was not the gearbox, the clutch assembly had broken. The specialist said the clutch was ok for commercial vans but the extra weight of a campervan was too much and it just exploded. As there are many Fiat based vans out there it must be a common fault. Looking forward to my next trip ,once the 1400 bill has been paid, lol
Thanks for all the replies, Barrie

FoweyBoy 30-06-2012 14:02

Was this a "juddergate" related failure? Had the modifications been done to the gearbox, engine mounts etc well before the clutch failure?

1400 seems a lot to pay for a replacement clutch, but the last new clutch I had done was about 30 years ago, so maybe I am out of touch with costs!

bazel 30-06-2012 15:19

Hi FoweyBoy , i have not had any problems with my clutch or gearbox, as i have only had my van for 2 yrs i dont know if any modifications have been done. The clutch just broke apart inside, the reason it cost 1400 is because the specialist put in a complete new clutch assembly instead of just replacing the broken bits.The build of the Fiat clutch was not strong enough for the extra weight of a camper van so he put in a new British made clutch. Hopefully i should not have any more problems
Thanks, Barrie

FoweyBoy 30-06-2012 15:27

Thanks for the info. I believe you can get a Fiat dealer to check on their computer system with your VIN number to see if the modifications have been done.

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