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NTG 17-04-2012 23:42

Adria Twin Water Tank Drain Modification
I'm fairly new to the forum and have had loads of good info and advice to prepare my new (to me) Adria Twin for a trip to Crete in May. Thought it might be nice to put something back into the forum so I took a few photo's of various modifications. This is the first of a few and is to modify the water tank drain. I decided to do this for three reasons.

1. constant small water leak from the tank inside the van
2. My water tank lid screw thread is a bit knackered
3. The ridiculous design of the manufacturers drain. Having to take the lid off the tank and stick your arm in the tank up to your shoulder (I'm fairly short) and pull a plug out. OK in the summer if you don't have a knackered lid thread, not so good in the winter!

This is not a 'how to' guide, just how I did it. There may be better ways but it gives what I believe to be a fairly inexpensive solution. Photo's are fairly big.

List of parts from BES and Marine Scene
1/2" BSP female mini ball valve. BES P/N 8187
Square drive key. BES P/N 20754
Stainless 1/2" BSP hose tail. BES P/N 14558
Brass 1/2" BSP deck fitting. Marine Scene P/N 49011
I haven't included sundries like rubber washers, PTFE tape etc. There is also a 6" length of 9mm inside diameter brass pipe needed to extend the shut off valve key. I used This to extend the key:

Remove the tank (you can just about see a small fracture around the base of the drain spout which was causing my leak)

and cut off the drain spout flush with the tank. This leaves a hole the right size to take the 1/2" deck fitting.

Cut the deck fitting down so that there is just enough thread protruding from the tank for the ball valve allowing for any washers. I used a big steel washer and JB Waterweld (food safe two part mix putty which sets hard to help strengthen my tank outlet due to the fracture. I got mine Here but in most cases, a normal rubber washer will be OK.

This is how the parts fit together:

And this is what they look like fitted to the tank (plenty of PTFE tape on threads):

You need to remove the ball valve lever and file the valve operating shaft square to fit the key:

drop the tank back into the van and take a few measurements in order to cut a small hole in the side of the tank housing to take the extended valve key:

It's a bit fiddly to engage the key when everything is back together but it only takes a few seconds and it's better than sticking your arm into a tank of cold water.

Here's a photo of the underside of the van with the modified drain fitted:

While i was at it, I replaced the wimpy foam washer in the tank lid because mine leaked when the tank was filled to overflowing. I used a nitrile 'O' ring:

I have enough bits and pieces left to modify two more tanks (not including the lid 'O' rings and consumables) and I can make the extended valve key if required. The cost is what I paid including a bit of postage and works out at £29 per tank plus postage. If anybody wants a kit just pm me.


tyreman1 18-04-2012 10:59

Lovely professional repair Nick,if only motorhome manufactureres put some thought into what they build we wouldnt have to spend so much time fixing them.

Kev1 18-04-2012 11:07

Excellent idea and brilliant photography

julieshakespeare 21-07-2017 20:44

Adrian Coral S690 SC fresh water release drain valve/tap
The instruction book is hopeless does not tell you where the fresh water release tap is.

We eventual found it under the island bed. You need to lift the mattress and bed louvre and prop it up with the wooden rode provided just inside the bed foot well.

To the right is a large wooden disc with a thumb hole, lift this out and the release lever is located underneath.

If Adrian think I'm going to do this every trip then it's not going to happen, they couldn't have put it in a more awkward place.

Ps you need to pull the central under bed drawer out to find a large blue plastic screw of lid, once removed lets you see into the fresh water tank and you can put your sterilising fluid in.

Good luck.

Pudsey_Bear 22-07-2017 08:22

Or through the water inlet on the outside before filling up.

jiwawa 22-07-2017 12:35

I don't see any photos of the van, just 1 saying "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"


coppo 22-07-2017 18:25


Originally Posted by jiwawa (Post 2651666)
I don't see any photos of the van, just 1 saying "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"


And me too.

talogon 22-07-2017 18:29

As do I.

erneboy 22-07-2017 18:38

Me an' all.

coppo 22-07-2017 18:54

That's really strange, how can some members see the photos and other cant?

Is it because they were there to start with but have disappeared to everyone now?

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