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I remember you, because we joined at much the same time.

Sometimes whenever an old thread is resurrected I see names that have disappeared and wonder where they are now. It's the nature of things.

I don't enjoy the bitching either, but we are all human and have faults. Most of us learn from them, although a minority are unlikely to.

It's good to see that a "lapsed" member likes this new forum. Even some of those current members that openly criticised at the start are becoming more familiar with it. It's not perfect, but it's not broken.

It'll be good to see you back, should you choose to return.


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You missed the Clique thread then, that'd have you logging back out again, we;come back and hope you stay around, ignore the bad bits, they're well outnumbered by the good bits, hoe you can get used to the carlos fandango twiddly bits, check you user setting under user CP top right for a better experience, most stuff is under edit option
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And this from a newbie who has just completed a year on this forum and paid up again for another year,
i know i have saved my 12.50 many times over, after the advice of guys on here,
whether it being parts for the van, items of comfort and for advice on sites and places to visit,
i have been on several forums, and think that you have to read between the lines sometimes, there is always some guys who like a joke and sometimes it goes a bit far without any one giving in, my view is best keep out of it till it all blows over, which it will do,
I like to try and help when i can and if i know what i am on about,
we joined because we were looking at changing from a selfbuild to a coach built, probably the best thing i done although i want to build another one,
the advice and suggestions were brilliant so give yourselves a pat on the back those that helped,
i do like the banter and am often pmwl on some of the things you guys get up to, i read a few of the blogs too,
now don't shoot me, i also look at the other site too for free, mainly to see what he gets up to with his van (you know who i mean) all the photos and threads are there and having a similar engine i have copied some of his mods scuttlegate,,
To the state of the new platform (fink its called) i never really knew how it was in the past so don't really know what some guys are talking about, i found the change to be ok some stuff needs sorting but i am sure they are on to it although that jeff bloke has gone missing, i have also started to like it on the 7"tablet now that i have it on mobile site,
so to those that are thinking of joining 12.50 will soon be recouped, come on in and then you wont feel guilty on freeloading
just my bit
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I left when my subscription expired after the takeover. I decided that 6 months to get a properly working up to date web forum was long enough for any IT people.

Since then I've popped in for a view from time to time but like iandsm, noticed the number of messages between members. That didn't bother me except it highlighted the paucity of other posts.

MHF was always the source of knowledge but much of it is potentially out of date and thus could lead one astray. If MHF gets back to focusing on helping people with sensible, up to date advice, I'd be back. I like the simplicity of the new MHF design which is much easier on the eye. I'd prefer to pay than have to rely on AdBlock.

Sadly, I haven't missed MHF and I cannot believe anyone has missed me. I haven't felt the need to join Fun.

It will be interesting to see how existing members, who have sustained the forum during its difficulties, see MHF going now that it has a new set of clothes.
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good to hear from you Iandsm and Brock; some of us have stuck with it, and it's been a long wait to get the new platform. Hopefully we can now recover some of the people like yourselves who had drifted away.
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Originally Posted by Brock View Post

MHF was always the source of knowledge but much of it is potentially out of date and thus could lead one astray.

Hey Brock,
It still is wealth of Knowledge, yes some old posts are out of date,
But you only need to ask,
its the guys that have the knowledge not the site,
i found the guys take a great deal of time explaining how to do something and check up to see how you got on
just my findings
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Hi Iandsm and Brock, hopefully back to stay.
I do hope I am not one of the contributors that forced you away, as I am aware I perhaps often don't let go when I should, never on an opinion based subject though.
On the factual stuff I hate it when someone posts their belief or opinion suggesting that it is correct information.
Any way welcome back.
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First time posting in the new format so not sure what will happen

My problem is I don't like change. Once I am used to it then all is well. Just in the transition stage at the moment and I do like the "clean" look of the new layout, but still expecting to see things in their usual place and a bit annoyed that they don't appear where I want them. My subscription is due in about a months time and last week I was not going to renew. However, today I have decided that I will soon get used to the new layout and the value of the responses on all issues is too valuable to loose so here's to another year

I just ignore the posts I don't need and skip the angry ones unless I feel like a good rammy - is that a Scots word or is it English as spoken south of the border?

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What the others said - hope you do come back.

One small point however, in support of your comments.

Thread drift is always going to happen, unless it dies a sudden death once the original question has been answered.

That (to me) is the point at issue. I get just as irritated as you (Ian and Brock) when a sensible and earnest thread asking for help or advice is kicked off topic straight away with banaal comments and stupid jokes.

I freely confess that I'm quite good at both but hopefully not until after a thread has run its course and the OP has had the help they asked for.

It's just like a conversation in a pub really. If there was only ever sensible debate about serious topics, it would be a bit of a yawn!

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Originally Posted by Zebedee View Post
I get just as irritated as you (Ian and Brock) when a sensible and earnest thread asking for help or advice is kicked off topic straight away with banaal comments and stupid jokes.

I also TRY to do what Dave has posted there. Hopefully, after time on here, one gets a sense of when the serious and knowledgeable answers have been posted and when it is acceptable to wander a little - of course there might be a further serious answer, because poster as on holiday/busy/off net etc., but no system is perfect and the interveneing posts might have helped to 'Bump' the thread so that that late poster sees a question he/she might have missed.

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