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Re: Timberland

Originally Posted by Zebedee
Originally Posted by bendog
Have read the Timberland saga with great interest , took my £60,000 M/H to them today for some urgent warranty work , am having to wait 6 weeks before they have a slot , still trying to come to terms with this . Get your finger out Kevin .
Am I missing something here?

It sounds as if you think your £60,000 ( ) van should be dealt with at once and without an appointment - by jumping the queue ahead of a lot of pre-booked but (presumably) cheaper vans.

Surely this is not what you meant to imply?

By using that vulgar expression in closing his message, it suggests that that was exactly what Bendog meant to imply. But I could be wrong also.
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No matter how this has been dressed up we have here a company that appeared to to have huge debts and has sought to rid itself of those debts by liquidating and forming a phoenix company.

I would have more sympathy if he were to publish a list of all the people who've been left to whistle for money owed to them by Timberland. One of my oldest friends recently lost his house because a company with which he'd dealt for some years went bust owing him a lot of money. His firm never recovered from the blow but guess what? The chap in question was up and running a few days later with a similarly-named company, free of all debt!

Mr. Cain's actions may have saved some jobs but are they moral? Should individuals be able to relinquish their debts, avoid paying off lots of innocent suppliers, and then start all over again using the goodwill built up in the brand name?

Anyone who's had a builder do dodgy work and found that the original company no longer exists, so you've no redress for faults, will have little sympathy with Mr. Cain.
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Price of purchase is imaterial.

First come first served juast like at car dealerships.

Quality control is the governing factor in a need for warranty work.

Poor qc either by the mh builder or his supplier.

Dave p

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I have no idea what happened in full in this case but in answer I think my full point was misunderstood.

The precise figure is unimportant the fact it is a huge ammount of money and the British are far too fond of queueing! If the dealer takes that sort of sum of course you need to make sure the customer is alright.

We are not talking of a packet of cornflakes here are we?

So if it means you work until the early hours... SORRY..... but tough. If there is a queue or warrenty problems, (somebody elese post).... what the hell happened at the PDI. There is not excuse. Mighit be sensible to form a coalition with other customers though.

Obviously at the end of the day if things are fouled up you have to be pragmatic and fit in with what they can acheive... but yep you know what I do expect to be looked after.

Sorry if this sounds fierce just done battle with a second hand cars salesman... he is still licking his wounds....
Originally Posted by Zebedee
Originally Posted by roamingsue
I just think the poster is not quite as unreasonable as Zeebedee seems to think and for me the jury is still out.
You may well be right Roamingsue, but I don't see the significance of the £60,000.

A £20,000 motorhome is very much a luxury item for many people, and it should not go wrong either.

Originally Posted by roamingsue
Hummmmm this is WARRENTY work, things that should not go wrong. If £60,000 has been spent for a luxury item then I would expect to be sorted out VERY promptly.
Agreed, but what if all the others in the queue are also waiting for warranty work?

Originally Posted by roamingsue
What is not clear of course is the whole story and what is wrong. There is a world of difference between something that stops use of the motorhome (which is a real priority) OR a faulty oven say. It also does not give the reason for the delay.. or what Timberland has said.
Yes. Good point.

But I didn't say the poster is unreasonable. I questioned the message that seems to be coming across, since I don't suppose he meant it to sound like it does - to me anyway!

It's so easy to give the wrong impression with the written word!

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I read this post with interest. We ran our Company for twelve years and had to liquidate last summer. We didnt have any business loans, we never did, but when income was lean the business bank didn't want to know, they would'nt even give us an overdraft. We couldn't renew our lease as our landlord wanted to double our rent!! We struggled on for two years, keeping all our staff on and not taking any wages ourselves. We managed to sell our house just in time before our savings ran out and have been living off the proceeds since, not claiming a penny in benefits. My other half has moved on more than me, he now has another job in the same industry, his second one, (the first company didnt think they had to pay wages until we got the employment tribunal involved) but that's another story. I wish, despite all the stress that is involved in running a business, that we could start up again but don't think that will be possible.

I feel each day I am stuck in a rut, I don't even want to go out, and when hubby has gone to work, the only thing that keeps me going is my schnauzer (pepper) who sleeps a lot now.

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I do think that many mistakes are made in smaller business's re expansion.
I had a bossiness for 26 years until I sold it as a going concern around 10 years ago.
I started with almost nothing and drew £50 a week for years,
I expanded very slowly almost always using my money(was still expanding when retired), but I only did what I could afford I bought Our yard on mortgage, no rent to others, Had good S/H vans, good equipment,
all paid for, and some of my staff earned more than me.
We survived through 2 resesions through being sensible, not (clever). And one more thing, any customer who had spent money
with us that had a warrantee claim would be dealt with before any one else, with top priority.
All the best to timberland, they did the right thing, but I think a little bit of blame lays with the company directors
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I feel for you Pepperspice.
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I have personal experience in dealing with Timberland Motohomes during this very difficult period. I bought a Timberland Destiny from them at the NEC in February and have had excellent customer service and support since then. I was over at their site last week and they looked after me really well. They upheld my warranty by doing some jobs on the van at no charge.

I think they are a great team who have been through very difficult times and deserve some respect for having kept the business going. They were very honest with me and I would trust them to look after me into the future.

Well done Kevin!
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