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insurance facts

Originally Posted by mgdavid View Post
pretty much covers it, I think you'll need to have insured it using the VIN number to move it from the port of entry to home, plus the UK mods and the MOT, only a very few insurance cos will do this - I used Safeguard.
you simply ask your seller to insure the vehicle for you there ,he will take you to get the plates made their and then , register the vehicle to you with your address. pay up , drive off .simples .plus the Germans caught me this time with new law. TAX, called customs , pratts. EU law. 43euros .just done it ,all the paper relevant for the van that will come with van, like the German log book has complete details of the C0CM you need .but the DVLA have become obstinate .makes it harder . now you have to fill details they will neither say its right or wrong just kick back when wrong .you have to tell and join HMRC customs and taxes to get nod before DVLA will give you uk log book . good luck .

but you save£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££.great .second hand, no tax to pay at all.

all the best ,denton.
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