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nukeadmin 21-11-2011 10:42

Ideas for MHF Charity 2012
Well as this year is slowly coming to a close I suppose we should be starting to think about 2012 and which Charity we should support

MHF Has done a wonderful job of supporting charities over the last few years and I would like to say thank you for dipping into the war chests even during such a harsh economy

Now Please post any ideas you have for charities in this thread and I will collate them into a poll

locovan 21-11-2011 11:02

blu66 21-11-2011 14:04

can i nominate The Childrenís Liver Disease Foundation:

The CLDF is the UKís leading charity dedicated to fighting all childhood liver diseases. When lives are shattered following a diagnosis of childhood liver disease,

This is very close to my heart as my wee lass had a livertransplant at 6 years old, the cldf have been really great withh her and do a lot all over the coutry for the kids :)

Here is the www if anyone wishes to have a look:)



steco1958 21-11-2011 14:11

British Heart Foundation.


Poppy Appeal for next year.

Both under subscribed charities in my opinion.

Broom 21-11-2011 16:48

Hi All

I would like to nominate the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, they are running a trial at the moment for Gene Therapy and are very concerned they haven't got enough money to complete the trial.

If the trial is as successful as they think it will be, it would lead to a general cure for a lot of genetic mutation diseases.

Close to my heart as my daughter suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, at 25 she is doing reasonably well with drug therapy but is needing more and more as becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Best Regards

val33 21-11-2011 17:02

I would like to second the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

greenasthegrass 21-11-2011 19:11

I vote thirdy for cystic fibrosis a very worthy cause.


Chrys 21-11-2011 19:23

As motorhomers travelling the highways and byways who is it that we hope we never need.

But if the need should arise who are we most grateful to see?

The Air Ambulance


aldra 21-11-2011 19:27

Oh Dear

All such worthy causes

In the end I'll support whoever is nominated

And they will be worthy of support

Aldra :D

JollyJack 21-11-2011 21:07

I would like to propose Cancer Research UK.

I know so many people, of ALL ages, including myself, struggling to fight off this dreadful disease in ALL its forms:

If we could make a contribution in 2012 that would be brilliant.

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