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Update should anyone have the same problem removing the plinth.
I contacted Dethleffs Customer Service in Germany who advised to remove the lamps and remove the exposed screws I gave more force to removing the lights and they came out the main electric (12v) cable is to the rear and you only need to half undo the 4 screws that end, remove the 4 screws the opposite end lower the plinth onto your head to balance it while you can remove Dometic inner frame with your 2 hands by turning it about and it drops through the plinth (remove all screws from the inner frame before lowering the plinth) if you keep 2 plinth screws in your mouth you can then refix the plinth temporarily with out disturbing any wiring while you replace the Dometic Fly Screen in the inner frame, a second person to help when replacing the inner frame and plinth is handy.

The problem to me with the lamps is that they are held in place by 2 steel spring tensioned prongs which dig into the wood of the plinth hole as you extract them, they are riveted to the lamp and 1 broke of but was repairable.
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