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nukeadmin 14-10-2011 14:03

Halloween Pumpkin Competition
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Seen this on another site (shout out to Just Kampers) and think its an excellent idea

We want you to design and carve up a Halloween Pumpkin and upload photo of it (with you in the picture to verify you did it and didn't download the image from somewhere instead ;) ) to our competition photo gallery

Obviously a motorhome related pumpkin shape would be ideal but any innovative ideas are also ok :)

We can then vote on the best and the winner gets either a subscription (or renewal)

Will open the competition for voting on November 1st for 1 week

Images such as the below for example ;)

nukeadmin 29-10-2011 09:25

just a quick bump as obviously a day or so to go

I am off out after Izzy 5th Birthday party today to go buy the biggest Pumpkin i can to carve up ;)

nukeadmin 30-10-2011 12:53

Well sat down with the girls and put this together yesterday ;)

Izzy, Sophia and myself did it but the girls were a little tired out from Izzys' 5th Birthday party lol

Here is MKI with a person onboard ;)

100127 31-10-2011 00:07

That is so cool, scares me! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

spykal 31-10-2011 09:43

8O Brilliant .....

it would make a good awning light.

motormouth 31-10-2011 13:41

Looks like you are going to win Nuke, enjoy your free subscription :lol: :lol:

nukeadmin 31-10-2011 13:50

lol ah well there is still time for a late entry, if not my girls enjoyed making it with me :)

aldra 31-10-2011 13:55

Well Nuke,

It certainly would deserve to win

An excellent pumpkin

Looks great

Aldra :D

carolgavin 31-10-2011 14:15

I have one to enter but it doesn't have me in the pic due to my deformity plus its on me phone and have no idea how to get it off phone onto here!!!

aldra 31-10-2011 14:57

Go on Carol we will believe you, that is if you can get a picture of it on

detailed descriptions will not be entered :lol: :lol: :lol:

I intend to eat mine, otherwise I just know I would have won 8O 8O

Aldra :D

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