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HyFy 05-04-2018 14:43

Camos Jewel Plus V1 twin view camera

My dealer is trying to suggest that he fits one of these cameras to replace a very wet (inside) Camos single view camera - at a premium of course!

Has anyone experience of this type of single lens/twin view camera. Is the "rear view" quality any good compared with the "reversing view".

I don't need to be able to read the reg. number of a car with the camera but would expect similar rear view quality to a two lens set up which I accept isn't that wonderful at the best of times!

Your thoughts...


Pudsey_Bear 05-04-2018 15:14

Camos is good gear normally, had a couple of vans with it fitted, one was a twin camera set up, view can be adjusted of course, and you can read number plates quite well.

I adjusted my down cam to just catch the rear end, and the backwards cam to cover the area not caught by the down cam.

HyFy 05-04-2018 16:50

Thanks Kev-n-Liz,

Yours appears to have been a two camera system. The one the dealer is trying to fit is a single camera single lens two view system. In the normal situation i.e. other than when reverse is engaged there is a 90 degree wide and a longer view. When reverse is engaged it becomes a 155 deg view which would include the back of the vehicle. I've not come across this setup before and was wondering if others had and what are their views (excuse the pun).

At the moment, I am persuaded to get the original single view camera replaced under warranty and maybe then buy a two camera system later; selling the single view one to recoup some of the cost of the upgrade.

But thanks for your attention.


Pudsey_Bear 05-04-2018 17:53

Well that just serves me right for not looking it up :D :D

Pudsey_Bear 05-04-2018 17:54

Mrplodd 05-04-2018 22:45

I would be inclined to speak with

Defo THE experts in the field, I have heard very good reports about them.


HyFy 05-04-2018 23:05

Thanks. I've used them before. I'll give them a call and discuss the Camos wiring working on their cameras.

Thanks for the idea.


lilyrs 03-09-2018 07:53

I prefer to choose rear view camera compared with reversing view.

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