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Originally Posted by trek View Post
Gaspode Can you provide further info on the correct connection of a solar panel via a regulator to a camper with a CBE system PLEASE
Basically, because the CBE panel distributes any input charge between both batteries you don't want a solar charge ALSO fed independently to both batteries. This can mean that the solar and mains charge conflict with each other (if that makes sense?) unless you disconnect your solar panels every time you're hooked up. Therefore the output from the solar regulator should feed into the CBE panel on the same terminals as the mains battery charger thus allowing the CBE panel to decide on charge rate and distribution. This obviously works best with a very basic solar regulator. The negative feed from the regulator goes to the "masse" terminal and (on the linked diagram) the positive goes to plug 18, terminal 2. This can vary slightly depending on how old the control panel is, just trace the positive output from the mains charger and use the same terminal.

By using this method the CBE panel monitors the battery voltages and directs the solar (and/or mains) charge as required. It also means that the solar output is monitored and is visible at the remote panel so you can see how much current your solar is inputting without the need for a separate solar meter.

This link goes to the instruction book which contains panel layouts and circuit diagrams:

Your own panel may differ slightly.

PS: I should add that this is a summary of advice given to me a few years ago by a CBE technical chap and related to the N&B Arto that we owned at the time and using a basic solar regulator with a single output.

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