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mcubbin 05-06-2017 13:50

La Strada Regent
Hi, I am currently searching for a La Strada Regent based on the Sprinter, I am wondering what the various engines are like in terms of performance, fuel economy and servicing. My budget is going to restrict me to late nineties early 2000's vans. Any advice opinions appreciated.

coppo 05-06-2017 20:22

My take on it.

The 90,s models will be the 2.9, wonderful engine with the gearstick on the floor and will go on forever if serviced properly. Proper auto gearbox torque converter.

After 2000 it will be the 2.7cdi or 2.2cdi with the gearstick now on the dash, the engines are not as good or reliable although are very strong, saying that some still do starship mileages. Still proper auto gearboxes on some but avoid the sprint shift would be my advice, prone to problems.

An old mechanic I worked with recently used to go around trade yards etc buying old sprinter vans, he had a bit of advice for any young apprentice mechanics he said.

''If the gearstick's on the floor, look around and buy some more but if the gearstick's on the dash, get outa there in a flash'':laugh:

Have you looked around any Regent's, the La Strada model is a quality van. Excellent long lasting quality but choose wisely. Like any van in the world, if abused it will be a pile of trash.

I much prefer the Regent S rather than the L.

Most of the earlier ones 90's and 2000+ models I have seen are the Regent L, with the bed up in the roof, ok if your single, athletic and fit.

The Regent S has a rear transverse double, a much better layout in such a short van.

Have a look on for choice although the exchange rate is rubbish at the minute

mcubbin 07-06-2017 00:04

Thanks for that, no I have yet to see one in the flesh, but like the layout and the pull down bed:) I thought the 's' just had seats which convert into a bed? Any idea of what to expect in terms of mpg in the 2.9.

coppo 11-06-2017 11:59


Originally Posted by mcubbin (Post 2605386)
Thanks for that, no I have yet to see one in the flesh, but like the layout and the pull down bed:) I thought the 's' just had seats which convert into a bed? Any idea of what to expect in terms of mpg in the 2.9.

mpg all depends on the weight you are running at, its only a smallish van the La Strada regent L although quite high, you should get mid twenties out of it.

mcubbin 13-06-2017 10:37

Thanks for your help.

scouter 23-06-2017 23:10

We had a Regent L for about 5 years, from 2000. Used to get about 23/24 from it at 65mph crossing Europe on the motorways. Loved the roof bed, we were not particularly fit or agile but I made a short ladder. Beds could be left made up and just put away. Side bathroom wasnt so good. Didnt like clingy plastic shower curtain so very rarely used it and it was difficult to bend to get a good face wash in the basin.

Had to change leisure battery that was a sod of a job getting it out of its location. I fitted a fridge van to help ventilation in Italian summers. The only Merc problem was fuel returns from the injectors, the pipes split 2 or 3 times coating the underside in diesel, good rustproofing.

We wanted a better shower etc to spend less times on campsites and bought a bigger van, but I still look back at the La Strada we had alot of good trips in it

cheers alan

coppo 24-06-2017 16:20

Unfortunately Mcubbin wasn't persuaded to join by this thread so we may never hear from him again.

I wonder if he has found a Regent yet?

mcubbin 02-07-2017 16:22

No still here, No van yet though, they seem to be thin on the ground. Thanks Alan, for your comments, not so good about the shower though, is it particularly bad, compared with other panel van motorhome washrooms.

coppo 02-07-2017 17:09

Good luck with the search.

Not sure how many posts you will be able to make though unless you become a member.

scouter 03-07-2017 20:29

Few vans now seem to have plastic shower curtains, most I've looked at have rigid folding shower enclosures but then I dont look at many panel vans! Our van was S reg, later vans had a slightly different layout for the "bathroom" and the back of the van. one other problem we had had was a steering rack failure. One morning near Antwerp it would only turn left or straight ahead, right was a no go.We came home on a transporter, after a few days in a hotel, it was a problem getting a RHD rack quickly in Europe.

still we did a few miles and in our La Strada


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