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2005 Sprintshift problem - maybe.

Our MH is on a 416 Sprinter. I have always cursed at it when setting off on a hill, but it now seems to be getting worse, or I am getting older and less patient.
Is it a common thing that if setting off on a hill the sprintshift snatches on take off, and does not seem to know what gear it wants to be in. I get a lot of complaints from himself, as if it is my fault.
I have tried to pop it into auto just for setting off, but it does not seem a lot better.
Any ideas please.
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Put it manually into 1st

The above is only a personal opinion
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Under normal circumstances I use the sprintshift box, so I put it manually into 1st gear, this is when I have a problem, and only on a hill start.
I have started to put it into automatic just to try to get a smoother start.
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Is this when moving off from a standstill or are you just moving??

Does it snatch on change up? or is it silky smooth?

Silly question maybe but are you putting into first manually and pausing momentarily prior to giving it some welly or flooring it AS you put it into gear??

A sprintshift will behave exactly the same as a fully manual gearbox if you are a bit ham fisted with the throttle. i.e. you will get a snatch.

I run a 316 sprintshift and if I am ham fisted I can get it to snatch, (especially on hill starts) however if I feed the power in gently when pulling away on a hill its very smoothly.

Dont forget that the system keeps the brakes applied for a second or two when you take your foot off the brake pedal, are you trying to "beat" that delay perhaps.

I tend to leave the box in auto all the time EXCEPT on long downhill gradients where I manually shift down to get engine braking.

Some clever person has programmed a sophisticated computer to control the gearbox, clutch and throttle so I just let it get on with the job its designed to do.

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Mr Plodd, I do not believe that you could be ham fisted.

I will put my hand up to being lead footed , but I am working on it, just come back from France at a sedate pace, my husband was very impressed.

I think that some of my problem is the delay in the brakes releasing you are correct when you ask if I am trying to beat the delay.
I find that in automatic it takes a long time to change up from 1st gear. I must admit that I am not an auto fan, and would rather use sprintshift. Once moving the sprintshift is very smooth, it is really on hill starts from stood that I have a problem. As you suggest, less welly may improve the matter.
Considering that I have put 30,000 miles on the MH, I should have it sorted by now, but it seems to get worse rather than better.
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I have a Renault Master with Quickshift 6 auto system which is similar to the Mercedes Sprintshift, but it is obviously not identical. Having said that let me explain how I avoid snatchy starts on hills:
Have the system in the Auto setting and foot on the brake pedal. Pull on the handbrake, and when ready to pull away release the footbrake, wait a second before pressing the accelerator pedal. This is necessary for the system to recognise the footbrake is off, and also give time for the clutch to get to the biting point. Once the clutch is at biting point then you can start to accelerate.
Its a nuisance to do this, especially if pulling out into traffic, but try and anticipate the traffic situation and all will be well.
You can also have it in Auto, foot off brake with handbrake on. The clutch will now come up to the biting pint and stay there, so your able to make a slightly quicker getaway. If left in this condition for too long however you get a beep to warn you that the clutch is not very happy!!
I must repeat that this is my experience of the Renault system, so may, or may not, be truly relevant to the Mercedes system.
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Several years after the event but I will post on this in case others searching for resolution come across this post.
Several issues:
1. Sprintershift is a semi-auto gearbox (basically a manual 6 speed box without a clutch). Therefore it WILL roll back on hills when the brake is released. My 2001 Sprinter holds for about 1 second. This is the time it takes for the fact that the brake is off to be translated, through the electrics and hydraulics, to the internal clutch.
2. The 'jumpiness' that you are experiencing is EXACTLY what I experienced 6 months ago. Hitherto it had been fine. Take-off on the steepest of inclines being just fine. But then it started to get jumpy on take-off in 1st. So I took it into Mercedes Commercial in Aylesbury and they determined that the clutch and flywheel needed changing (153,000 miles so can't complain too much). Sure enough £1,500 later the jumpiness had gone. So it is reasonable to assume that you too need the clutch replacing.

Unfortunately I am now scouring all internet posts to get to the bottom of why my Sprinter sometimes refuses to find gears when stationary and just flashing an A, N or R. Turning off the ignition for a while often clears this but I fear something is amiss. But where to start?
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Ah yes our Sprintshift started to refuse to find a gear when stationary, having had small austins in my youth (both the A35 and the mini had rubbish handbrakes), I always leave my vehicles in gear. There were a number of days when I couldn't get it out of gear to allow it to start.I think in one week I visited our local MB truck workshop twice on the back of a tow truck! After much messing about with the hydraulic system, and filters I was assured it was fixed, but the day I was to part exchange it we went again to the MB Workshop and I part exchanged it a day late. A pity I liked the sprintshift when it worked and it did for the first 18 months of our ownership and started playing up with about 27k on the clock

cheers alan
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Since trying the very first MB sprintshift and hating it, I've always said, if you want a manual get a manual, but if you want an auto box, get a real one, unless you fancy the MB garage manager.
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