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GEOMAR 12-02-2011 19:33

Help from renault master owners
Hi guys I have a question for you all , On my 2007 renault master 150 bhp auto there is a small unit ( which I think is a pump of some kind ) which is on top of the engine right at the back which keeps running on after the engine has been switched off .What is its function and should it keep running after the ignition has been switched off , all help will be much appreciated

Jented 12-02-2011 20:03

NOT! being a fitter,the only experience i have of this sort of thing,is an "Oil Spinner",it extra filters the oil,to make it possible to go further between oil changes. I would doubt this is the answer,as i thought this would have only been fitted to bigger engines.Still,a PROPER fitter will be along in a mo.
Had a Renault "Masterpiece 150 Auto",am still suffering from withdrawl symptons,loved it.

greenasthegrass 12-02-2011 20:06

Without sounding stoopid - does it say anything in hand book? I can go get my handbook if you haven't got one or its not to hand.

Am not sure otherwise being a girl its an under the bonnet job!

Greenie 8O

Stanner 12-02-2011 20:08

Some Renaults (my old R19 TD for one) have a water-cooled turbo bearing and on the R19 a pump of some sort kept running after the engine stopped on that.
Perhaps it's the same on yours? I must admit I haven't heard anything like it on my 120 auto.

henede 12-02-2011 20:08

Have no idea what it is but I do know that I can hear it on my 120 Master for some time after I turn off ignition.

Must be for something :roll: 8O

Stanner 12-02-2011 20:10

I shall have to check it out next time I use mine maybe I'm missing something or mine isn't very loud :?

lucy2 12-02-2011 20:35

I have a Renault 2006 auto 120hp, will check it out tomorrow in daylight, & report back.

GEOMAR 12-02-2011 20:55

renault master
Hi guys
obviously some of you are aware of this but what is it for , thanks for your replies

Stanner 12-02-2011 21:41

Re: renault master

Originally Posted by GEOMAR
Hi guys
obviously some of you are aware of this but what is it for , thanks for your replies

On the R19 it was to stop heat soak "coking" (sic) the oil in the turbo bearing

Bottom of this page
It used to only apply to petrol turbos because they ran at higher temps but they probably apply it to most turbos now.

blade1889 13-02-2011 08:37

Hi Geomar

Got the same engine, same year in my Burstner.
This is exactly what happened to me during my trip to France last year, identical issue.
Rang the local Renault dealer in Chesterfield, I quote..' sounds like the solenoid for the vacuum booster pipe on the Turbo is continuing to operate' It shouldn't give you a problem to get home, but you know if it packs in, as you will notice an immediate lack of power. End of quote.

Took it into the garage 3 weeks later & told me that ' a pipe' had come off ???, refitted it & no problems since.
Came away happy

Please note I am non-technical & the above my make absolute nonsense or not?
Dont shoot the messanger

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