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greenasthegrass 20-01-2009 10:04

I didn't know whether to put this in accessories, Renault or Dethleff - so as I am talking about the base vehicle its in here!

Does anyone know if a 04 Fiat Ducato Silverscreen will fit an 06 Renault Master windscreen?

I can't find out anywhere - unless I am being thick (!) ( 8O )



redjumpa 20-01-2009 10:14

If you are talking about the actual brand "Siverscreens" rather than the generic term I would give them a call on 01274 872151

greenasthegrass 20-01-2009 10:16

No I'm just talking about generic screens as I have the 04 and changing to 06 just wondered if it was able to be fitted.


maddie 20-01-2009 10:39

Hi Greenie I am not aware of any cab changes on the 2004 / 2006 models so it will still fit the new one :wink:
EDIT see post below

greenasthegrass 20-01-2009 10:46

Thanks Terry - even though its a Fiat base to a Renault base?

maddie 20-01-2009 12:03

unless it goes from new shape to old it is ok,the new one is wider and changed on the 2006.You cannot mistake the new model.
SORRY only just re read the question RENAULT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM FIAT,cit,and pug

motorhomer2 20-01-2009 12:12


WE have a set of internal screens for the 2004 fiat & they do not fit our 12 month old renault if that helps.


greenasthegrass 20-01-2009 13:29

Oh we thought it looked a bit wider - oh no its out with the credit card again!

Thanks chaps/ettes


mikeyv 20-01-2009 14:25

Hi Greenie, your old screen will go a good way to paying for a new one - I've never seen one cheap yet, on here, or on ebay.

pneumatician 20-01-2009 14:54

Silver screen
We changed from a Peugeot to a Sprinter. I just moified the screen cover by moving the Velcro. Perhaps you can.


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