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rayc 28-07-2008 20:47

Renault Quckshift6 automatic gearbox
My Renault Master based MH has developed aproblem with the gearbox. it works fine in manual [semi automatic] mode but I can no longer select Automatic mode.
The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is also on permanently but a scan shows no fault codes present.

homerdog 28-07-2008 20:51

You say no fault codes? So that must mean it works in auto but, it don't!! Sling it back to the Renault Dealer and tell them to drive it and fix it. Full stop!! H

richardjames 29-07-2008 13:53

on my Merc sprintshift if I blow the brake light fuse ( that's a long story in it's self ) the gear box goes into semi auto mode because it needs the circuit in place to tell the clutch to disconnect when the brakes are applied.
It might be worth checking the vehicle fuses!

rayc 23-09-2008 17:21

After my holidays and Shepton Show I finally got round to booking the MH into my local Renault Truck workshop. They were very efficient, it turns out it was due to two faulty glow plugs, which cause a code to be generated in the ECU, which puts the gearbox into semi auto mode. They replaced all four glow plugs, reset the ECU alarms and all is now well. I can recommend the workshop W Belden (Commercials) in Poole Dorset.
I bought the MH from Marquis and they were useless. They sent it out to a local car workshop in a unit on a local industrial estate. They had it for 3 days and were seen using it to get goods from B&Q (road testing!!!).

Javelin 21-02-2009 12:40

Renault Master quickshift6 gearbox
I have a Renault Master with a quickshift6 gearbox. When driving while the engine is still cold and I slow down to stop, the gears makes a scratching sound when gearing down from 2nd to 1st. As soon as the engine warms up to full temperature, this does not happen. Ever heard of this before? Any ideas on what the problem could be? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

tramp 21-02-2009 13:34

ref gerbox-have you checked levels and made sure the gearbox has the right grade oil inside, our 2.5 manual is great even at sub zero temps , on our old fiat 2.8 I changed gearbox oil for fully synthetic and was so so sweat :P

ps I dont know were gearbox level check/drain plug is as Renault dont do a seperate Workshop manual unless you know otherwise


miamidave 10-10-2009 05:43

6 speed semi auto box
I had a similar problem and it was down to a glow plug failure.

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