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David Spiring 23-04-2016 17:12

1986 Renault auto home
Is there anything I need to know about these?
As I'm looking to buy one
Do they come with a second battery water tank heater ect

philoaks 23-04-2016 18:51

TBH you haven't given us much to go on ;)

I'm guessing you are looking at an Autohomes conversion on a Renault base vehicle. If you can let us know the model name then possibly someone may know the answer to your questions.

cabby 23-04-2016 19:11

Yes sorry but you must give us a bit more info, such as is it a panel van or a coach built model.Model name as well.


Pudsey_Bear 24-04-2016 07:14

Hi David and welcome to MHF. as said a bit more info is always useful, but being new we don't expect you to know too much, and you've had the sense to ask on here.

Our first van was an Autohomes explorer on a VW T4 chassis, and it was one of the best laid out vans we've had, just a bit cramped for longer trips.

As for your questions, perhaps the best person to ask is the person selling it, unless it's a dealer, but most do have water tanks and a leisure battery.

Before buying it perhaps you might want to ask a few more questions.

Older Motorhomes can be really good value, but they can also be a nightmare if you don't know how to examine one properly, damp is the biggest issue, so ask away, and if possible take someone experienced with you, or better still pay for the time of a mobile Motorhome technician, it could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds by not buying bad one,

Good luck and let us know how you get on

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