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Janine68 24-01-2015 14:58

clutch slip 1984 trafic
Hi, I think the clutch is slipping on my trafic, does anyone have diagrams of where the cable is adjusted at. I have been looking online for a workshop manual but haven't been able to find one as yet. If you know where I can get a decent manual or just a diagram where to adjust the cable for now I'd be grateful.

Mrplodd 24-01-2015 15:56

If you look under the bonnet you should be able to follow the clutch cable from where it goes through the bulkhead down to the clutch end. The adjustment will be on the gearbox end. If it is slipping and adjustment makes no difference you need to get it sorted soonest as otherwise you will knacker the flywheel, which will increase the cost considerably.

Are you sure it's cable operated and not hydraulic??

Janine68 24-01-2015 17:31

Thanks mrplod.
No I'm not sure it's cable or hydraulic, I just assumed cable because of it's age.
I'm no mechanic but will always have a go if I can, that's why I really want some sort of workshop manual. Can only find diesel one by Haynes.

Mrplodd 24-01-2015 17:44

Pop along to your local garage (small independant type NOT a big one or main agents) and ask them to have a look for you. I don't think they will charge much (if anything) just to have a quick look and give you a bit of advice!


dghr272 24-01-2015 20:17

Hydraulic, this site advertises replacement master cylinders, could be an issue with it or the slave cylinder. Maybe just need bleeding or seals.,...,parttype,1996

Also try the Renault Owners forum for info.

Good luck


weldted 25-01-2015 16:16

Clutch slip
Hi if it's hydraulic operated, failure of the master or slave cylinder is likely to cause problems disengaging the clutch rather than it slipping. You could check the vent in the cap on the master cylinder to make sure there is no pressure build up but I would think it unlikely to be the cause. Remember a Motorhome spends its life fully or (overloaded) so the clutch has to work hard. You don't say how long you have had the van or how many miles it has done.

Janine68 27-01-2015 18:59

Thanks for all your tips. I think I'll pop to my local friendly garage like mrplodd suggested,they helped me before for free when I had electrical problems.

I still want to get a service/workshop manual, if anyone knows where I can get one its a 1984 petrol 1647cc trafic autosleeper (T1000 i think) it would be much appreciated.

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