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Phot 26-07-2020 20:54

Cam Belt Change
Hi, i will be changing the cambelt (kit with waterpump etc) soon and wonder if anyone has also done this themselves, tips/problems etc. The MH is 2016 Ducato 130 multijet F1AE3481D. I have a manual and have watched some video (albeit foreign language) but is always nice to get some first-hand experience/thoughts.

eurajohn 26-07-2020 22:06

Presuming you have good DIY mechanic skills a straightforward job.
Do you have the necessary tools for the job?
Whilst doing the job replace the auxiliary belts as well.
Remove the right hand headlamp, coolant header tank, front bumper and panel for access, if you don't you will really struggle getting the belt cover off, you need it off anyway to drain the radiator.
Use a puller for the high pressure fuel pump pulley, don't be tempted to use the shaft to push it off, they can be very difficult to release from the housing, there are no hidden fixings, the pump does not require timing.
Ensure you have the correct torque figures for your motor, as there are a few variations.


Phot 27-07-2020 09:29

Thanks, I will take my time, no pressure. Ive got the pulley/cam locking tools as well as a number of pullers etc. Hadn't thought of replacing aux belts but it makes sense. The manual suggests removing the fuel pump, however I cant see why, surely once the pulley is off and the bolts removed from the water pump housing, it can be supported while the work is completed without disconnecting pipework? Although a fairly lengthy job, it doesn't look complex? Thanks also for your message on diagnostics.

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