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Phot 26-07-2020 19:45

Hi, I would like to be able to perform diagnostics on my 2016 Ducato 130 multijet. I have read that MultiEcuScan is the way to go, is that right? I understand that this is just the software and it requires loading to a device, so what do i need, phone android/iphone/ipad, laptop, PC, tablet? Do I then need cables/adaptors to connect? Could someone point me in the right direction for the kit I need and best place to get it. Ive never used this type of equipment before so green as grass, though I am an engineer, many thanks.

eurajohn 26-07-2020 21:33

The MultiEcuScan software is good, it requires a PC to operate, (think they were developing something for Apple products) most use windows laptops.
Don't be tempted with cheapie versions from ebay and the like there are many reports of problems with them.
The software is free but to use the full capacity you need to pay, how much depends on the level you require, also as you mention the correct leads are required, which can be purchased at same time as the software key.

An official source for the product here

There are handheld units that will do most diagnostics and fault clearance but how much and how well depends on how much you spend, I've used the ICARSOFT CR V2.0, not as cheap as the MultiEcuScan but self contained and reliable.

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