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rolyk 24-10-2009 12:12

Leaking side door on X250 panel van
There appears to be an inherent weakness in the water-tightness of the sliding door on the X250 panel vans. It relies solely on the effectiveness of the rubber door seal and ours has developed a slight leak at the top of the door. It's only in one very small spot but it allows water to very slowly seep across the seal, which has resulted in slight water marking on the internal fabric trim of the door.

A couple of days ago I adjusted the door to pull it in closer and, from an inspection this morning after overnight rain, it seems it may have cured it. But time will tell.

Nevertheless, in wet weather, every time the door is opened it allows water that is lying on the top of the door to fall inside as well as onto the fabric door trim.

The side door on our last Transit was completely watertight and it had a gutter rail immediately above which diverted rainwater away from the door. A much better arrangement.

I did think about installing a Fiamma gutter above the door on the Boxer but it's not the prettiest piece of kit so am somewhat reluctant to fit it.

I can't have the only X250 with this problem and would be glad to hear of anyone else's cures.


aldercow 30-12-2009 22:09

I have had a very small ingress of water from top door seal when away in van in bad weather in November. Door does not seem to fit very well as the door & fly screen / blinds rattle constantly when driving. Have spent afternoon today adjusting catches & locating dowels. Have yet to drive van & see if I have made it better.

rolyk 31-12-2009 10:31

Despite adjusting the door I was unable to stop the leak. Although only small, water was leaking onto a fabric trim panel. In the end I bought some P42 Section from Seals+ Direct and used Evostik to bond it to the the underside of the door opening. It has been totally successful for an outlay of fifteen pounds or so. Also, the top of the door is now dry when it is opened and doesn't drip as it did previously.

Here are a couple of photos showing a short length of seal that I tried before installing it for the entire length.

The-Clangers 31-12-2009 11:18

I too have been looking to try and find a gutter of some sort to stop water pouring in when you open the door. If not too windy I roll the awning out about a foot.

This looks like a good solution, but does it make the door more difficult to close, as I find that I need a couple of good slams to get it closed tightly and the wife just about finds it impossible.


rolyk 31-12-2009 13:38

I agree that the door is not easy to close, particularly from the inside and it helps if a window or rooflight is open. It's a pity that it's not electrically operated like I've seen on some Renault vans.

Anyway, the rubber seal is quite soft and doesn't make it any more difficult to close.

I forgot to say earlier that it is advisable to give two coats of Evostik to get a good bond. The flange on the P section is exactly the right width to fit without trimming.


The-Clangers 31-12-2009 15:26

Thanks Roly,

I will measure up and order some once my sick van comes back from Peugeot.


Mike48 31-12-2009 15:57

Roly. I've just looked on the seal+direct website and there is no P367 only P41-43. Which one of these would you suggest? Thanks.

jocie 31-12-2009 16:04

I too have this problem with my 2009 LWB Ducato, and wondered how to solve it !! Many thanks for this idea !

ActiveCampers 31-12-2009 16:52

What an excellent idea!

In my 2005 Transit I get the odd drip in. I've pulled the door in and adjusted a few times but still get a drip in once in a while. Tends only to be if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction; the seal is slightly dirty; its the wrong type of rain.

Really been quite a challenge but never really worth the effort of, perhaps, dripping once every month or two.

This idea looks neat though so I will investigate further...

rolyk 31-12-2009 17:51

I took the number from the invoice. Looking at the catalogue it is listed as P42 at Ģ4.20 a metre.

If you look HERE it's the second one down in the first section.


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