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themuttsnuts 04-01-2009 11:43

Peugeot Boxer fuel problem
I would very much appreciate any thoughts on the following problem.
Peugeot Boxer 1997 "R" non-turbo 2.5 diesel 120,00 miles.

I have had the van 8 years and always serviced every 6000 miles, changing all filters and oil.

Serviced last week as per norm.

We then set off on Journey up the M11 at a steady 65-70 for about 30 Miles before turning off.
Following a long downhill "0verrun" to a roundabout I dipped the clutch to change down and the engine cut out. I manage to coast and bump up onto the the verge and begin an investigation :--

Plenty of fuel in the tank, check all fuses, check camshaft rotation, check and bleed points and base and top of fuel filter housing, check operation of manual priming pump on top of filter, all ok and "pressuring up". Check fuel solenoid on injector pump getting voltage with ignition on. "crack open" each injector line in turn and crank at full throttle. No firing or exhaust smoke at any stage.
Put kettle on and call RAC.

Same series of checks carried out by RAC engineer with the same result.
No further resources of info available from RAC tech des

Has anyone any further ideas on this.

Thank You


chrisgreen 04-01-2009 13:31

i know you Checked fuel solenoid on injector pump,but only the voltage,could you hear it clicking.try pulling the wire off and flashing it to see if it is stuck?

chrisjrv 04-01-2009 13:32

Are you getting fuel from all injector pipes when cracked open? Does the engine sound normal when cranking over? If you have fuel being injected and normal compression it should run, you are probably looking at a fault on injector or valve timing caused by timing belt shedding a tooth although still turning its now out of synch. You could check the Air fillter inlet to make sure it has not been blocked by rubbish, birds etc. I would have thought from your description the fuel solenoid had failed, can you bypass it or remove its innards to test, you'll have to stall the engine to stop it, so be cautious,

dragabed 04-01-2009 13:36

peugeot boxer fuel problem
coming home from portugal two weeks ago i got 5 miles from home where the A12 conects to the A14 and the same thing happend to my fiat 2.5 d the first thing i thought was fuel like you i service mine regulary what a terrible place to break down was i glad to see a blue flashing light and haveing called my breakown service provider i expected green flag when my mobile went and it was the aa who asked my exact location and said they would be there in ten and they were the police then gave us an escort to a safe haven and the aa guy took my keys asked a few questions and proceeded to strip the ignition where a wire had shorted out due to the build up of dust and bits getting behind the dash. he stipped the wire from the larg plastic conector b lock which conects the ignition swittch fitted a 30amp straight conector turned the key on an voila he then followed me the rest of he way home to see we were ok and i signed the forms wished him happy christmas and he went on his way now i would of been cheking fuel lines and switches all night. hope this helps

themuttsnuts 31-01-2009 20:32

Further to my post regarding fuel problem on my boxer, I thank you all for your suggestions.

I carried out a series of tests that led me rto believe the fuel injection pump being the culprit.

Having consulted a local fuel injection specialist, I removed the pump and delivered to him.

The fault turned out to be caused by the shattering of two internal springs, effectively rendering the pump usesless.

I have had the pump repaired and overhauled and all is well..........except in the wallet area!!!!


Dennis Yates 30-09-2020 17:03

A couple of good mechanics have confirmed that I need to replace or rebuild the fuel pump on my Peugeot Box Autosleeper. It was registered in 2000 and is a 2L Petrol engine. Peugeot do not supply this part any longer and it is difficult to know whether any I may find from other sources are truly compatible. I am told I need to know the pressure the fuel pump operates at to know whether any potential replacements will work. Has anyone got any advice or have overcome a similar problem?

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