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Frankia A class I740 Plus rear lounge

Teaxmcd - I am pleased that you rate this van so highly. I have read this thread with interest as this Van is on my watch list together with the Hymer DuoMobil.
One of the features that attracts me to the van is the garage.
May I trouble you to let me know the dimensions of the access to the garage (once the door is open) as I would like to know if I can load either of my scooters.
If I remove the back boxes fly screens and wing mirrors I need a clearance of 120 centimetres.

I can't find the dimensions from the Frankia website and it's not in the sales brochure. Can you help?

The Frankia has the advantage of the rear door which will help with the loading and tethering of the bike.

Many thanks
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