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Davesport62 31-10-2021 22:41

LPG Availability
So, I'm fortunate to have a Shell station close to me where I can fill up the Gaslow bottles (for now). The only place in Fort William where I spend a fair bit of time have recently got rid of their LPG pump! So I started having a look around & the lack of LPG stations is beginning to worry me a wee bit. It looks to me like LPG on garage forecourts is being phased out & life is about to get a bit more difficult. There have to be loads of people facing a similar problem.

Does anyone know what the score is going forward with getting gas for refillable LPG systems? And does anyone have an up to date list of LPG stockists in Scotland? The alternative if this becomes hard to find is to use bottled calor gas which would be a pain in the hump & negate all the convenience of having a refillable system.

Many thanks in advance, Dave.

weldted 31-10-2021 22:46

We are thinking the same, we now find the nearest LPG pumps to us are getting further away and harder to find. Having spent serious money in having a underslung tank with remote shut off and the pipe work set up to be able to use a bottle if required. The whole idea of the tank was to free up the gas locker for storing my lpg honda Genny and the ramps and muddy things?

jiwawa 31-10-2021 22:57

I use - as an app, or website. It's only as reliable as the users make it.

It's showing the nearest to Fort William as being Onich SS at North Ballachulish - but it's temporarily out of order. Last confirmed 11.10.21 so hopefully it really IS just temporary.

barryd 31-10-2021 23:50

We ended it using a mix of gaslow and calor on our four month uk tour of the Yorkshire coast, Isle of Arran, South West Scotland and the Lake district. LPG in all those places was sparse but no bother finding calor so not much of an issue. Best to have both here in the UK.

Pudsey_Bear 01-11-2021 10:51

The most sensible way has always been one refillable and one Calor etc, best of both worlds, top up when you can and Calor etc when you can't.

Just looked on FillLPG and it is indeed looking grim up in Scotland, but if you use the app on the way up it shouldn't be too bad.

marchie 01-11-2021 12:18

Asda & Morrisons in Kirkcaldy though the latter is 62.7p per litre, compared to Asda 52.7p] are less than 5 miles apart. LPG at both supermarkets as a general rule.


barryd 01-11-2021 13:27

We ran out of Gaslow LPG on Arran and obviously there was no other choice than to go to the 6kg Calor which is fine. When we left after seven weeks and hit mainland Scotland the only choices were two in Kilmarnock. One was out of order and the other Morrisons had some although I feared I would get refused as I heard they were a bit funny these days but our filler is on the side so we got it no bother. That was it though until we found somewhere on the south coast of Scotland to top up but their system wouldnt put any in for some reason (had that before) and that was it. Nothing in the Lake District (Penrith had it but we were on our way home by then and they were shut until November anyway).

I like the 6kg Calor as it fits easily on the back of the scooter so I can go off and get Gas anywhere if we run out without moving the van. Keep wondering about changing it for a 12kg Calor but might be a bit of squeeze on both the bike and the gas locker.

Of course mainland Europe, especially France they are everywhere (LPG or GPL As they call it over there). Their pumps and fittings are much easier to use than ours also.

patp 01-11-2021 13:59

I think we will only be able to find it in franchised filling stations and then only if they can see the profit in it. I made a point of telling the one that I found that "I would be back" and then I did a bit of shopping there to prove it was a good way of getting people to their station rather than another. It was an Esso station but a franchised one.

Davesport62 02-11-2021 00:08

Many many thanks for the replies. Especially thx to Marchie for the heads-up about Asda & Morrisons in Kirkaldy. I've got a couple of places local to me that I can get LPG so I just need to make sure it's topped up before going away. I'm just back from a quick trip up to Fort William where I had the heating (Truma Combi) on most of the day. I used 10 litres over 3 and a bit days. So 3 litres a day consumed between heating, H/W, fridge & cooker. That gives me two weeks duration even with everything running during the winter. I'm looking at diesel heaters as a backup/alternative which would reduce the gas consumption but I'm generally not away long enough for the gas to run low.

Anyone fitted a diesel heater to an A class?

GMJ 02-11-2021 08:34


Originally Posted by barryd (Post 3191045)
Keep wondering about changing it for a 12kg Calor but might be a bit of squeeze on both the bike and the gas locker.

That would be a big old heavy lump to carry around on the bike Barry.

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