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GMJ 31-01-2015 13:10

E25 into Basel from France

Could anyone advise if there is a customs point at this crossing as I will need to sort out my payment for time in Switzerland here, upon entering later this year.


Graham :)

peejay 31-01-2015 13:33

Yes, theres a large customs post there. If its a vignette you need then they will take your money as you drive through, you can pay in 's but change given only in Chf.

If you need to pay the Heavy vehicle tax (over 3500kg) then you will need to park up and pay at the customs office.


GMJ 01-02-2015 15:09

Perfect - cheers

I have a form which I'll fill out before going

Graham :)

Glandwr 01-02-2015 15:45

I prefilled a form for my 6 tonner as a HGV >3.5 ton. Went up to the counter and the very nice guy tore it up. Asked me if it was a camping Car and filled it in for me cost quite a bit less. 32 francks I seem to remember any toll for any 10 days in the year.


GMJ 01-02-2015 18:49


It's the 10 day option we will go for as well :D

Graham :)

100127 01-02-2015 18:52

I did not know they did a 10 day one in Switzerland. :o :o

GMJ 01-02-2015 18:53

I think you have to fill in the days that you are in the country and carry it with you. I seem to recall a minimum cost of 25 but I might be making that bit up :D

Graham :)

ob1 01-02-2015 19:26

Here is the official and easy to understand info on the Swiss road tolls.

Swiss Road Tolls

Most, if not all, Swiss main roads are toll roads, and it is difficult and not really worth trying to plan an itinerary to avoid them. You will need to pay the toll charges before entering the country.

For vehicles up to and including 3500 GVW.

Applicable to Swiss first and second class roads, which includes motorways.

The charge is a single payment of CHF40.00 which is valid from the 1st December of the year previous to that shown on the vignette through to the 31 January following the year shown on the vignette.

Proof of payment is by a 'vignette' (windscreen sticker) which is stuck to the inside of your windscreen. Payment and receipt of the vignette are carried out by personel as you drive through the Swiss border control. If you prefer you can buy the vignette from garages approaching the border or from the Swiss Tourist Board online. If you are towing a caravan you need to purchase a second vignette.

For vehicles over 3500 GVW - the vignette system does not apply. This charge is not a toll but a general heavy vehicle tax and applies to all Swiss roads.

You will be asked to park up at the border control and take your V5 vehicle documents to the adjoining customs office. Here you fill in a simple declaration form (permit 15.91) stating how long the vehicle will be in Switzerland, used on the roads or not, and you will be charged on that basis. You will get a duplicate copy of the form back as a receipt.

The charges are;
Per Day (subject to a minimum of CHF 25.00) CHF 3.25
Per 10 Days CHF 32.50
Per Month CHF 58.50
Per Year CHF 650.00

If you are towing a trailer there is an extra charge, typically of CHF 0.10 - per 100kg - per day.

The 10 day permit above allowes you to freely choose your days of travel before entering Switzerland. It is aimed at people making frequent visits, so as to avoid them keep having to report to the border customs office.

If you want to extend your visit over the stated time you take your duplicate copy to the nearest main post office and pay for a further period.

Unmanned Border Crossings. It is illegal to drive into Switzerland via an unmanned border crossing without a proof of payment (permit 15.91). Drivers arriving at such crossings are required to telephone the Swiss customs who will authorise their entry to proceed directly to a designated payment point, usually a post office.


Glandwr 01-02-2015 19:43

Ron has got it right CHF 32.50 for 10 days total in a year for >3.5 campimg car. You don't have to fill in days of travel apart for your own records. The cameras do it all as far as they are concerned.


ob1 01-02-2015 22:02


Originally Posted by Glandwr
Ron has got it right CHF 32.50 for 10 days total in a year for >3.5 campimg car. You don't have to fill in days of travel apart for your own records. The cameras do it all as far as they are concerned.



Dick - I don't think that is quite correct. In all cases you are required to carry proof of the dates of use entered on one document or other before entering Switzerland. That's why if you are staying for, say a month, you pay for a month and you receive a permit showing the dates covered. In the case of a ten day permit the same applies only you are free to choose the days as and when required so long as its before crossing the border each time. If it wasn't so then us lot could all buy a ten day ticket, stay on a campsite for six months, and then drive out again. That would give us a saving of of around CHF350!

My earlier post was taken from an article I wrote on Swiss travel which was submitted and verified by the Swiss customs who run the road charging system.


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