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JanHank 08-05-2017 18:38

It looks as if our Austrian trip will be put off to some other time due to the unsettled weather Southwards.
Hans has mentioned Hungary since we saw a TV film about DDR times when they holiday´d in Hungary.

Does anyone have recent experience of the country?

Glandwr 08-05-2017 18:41

Spent 10 days there this winter on the way to Greece. Very enjoyable what do you want to know?


JanHank 08-05-2017 18:58


Originally Posted by Glandwr (Post 2570937)
Spent 10 days there this winter on the way to Greece. Very enjoyable what do you want to know?


Blimey that was quick, thanks.
I have looked it up and found a vignette is needed for Motorways and trunk roads, we can buy that from the first fuel station.
We have 2 dogs, is there anything we aught to know there?
We do not like campsites, are stellplatz easily found and is wild camping allowed?
And anything else you think we should know :laugh:
Thank you in advance.

aldra 08-05-2017 19:51

A area we have never explored, Hungary, Poland

Interested in people's accounts


Solwaybuggier 08-05-2017 20:05

We went a couple of years ago & enjoyed it- cheap to eat out. We stopped on sites but I don't think there are many stellplaetze. Make sure if you get a vignette that the reg no is recorded accurately - we got home 2 months after to find a fine notice (later overturned) because of confusion between 0 and O! Outdoor spas are amazing. (But their prime minister is a total w***er.)

Webby1 08-05-2017 20:31

We just arrived today and currently at
Moving on to Lake Balaton and then looking forward to Budapest.Also would recommend Romania as a fantastic destination.
Sorry not to put up a Blog but happy to answer any specifics.

One rip off at the border was buying the vignette, at the only place available, but was charged an extra €15 for the privilege.
There is no sticker to collect, as it's all recorded electronically, so I would suggest buying it from one of the on line sites.

JanHank 08-05-2017 20:56

Are you partaking of the specialities, pools, massage etc.?
What's the countryside like?
The currency, how do you work out what things are worth in proper money :laugh:
How about a photo or three of the areas you visit.
Would wild camping be an option,?


nickoff 08-05-2017 21:19

Went last year on the motorbike and the year before in the motorhome. Both times was for the Sziget Music Festival in Budapest. Camped at Lake Balaton for a couple of nights. It's a cheap place to eat and drink and Budapest is really nice. If you don't go in high season I would highly recommend "Bikercamp" to stay. It's in the heart of the city and and will let vans stay off season. Very cheap and friendly. Not sure about "wild camping" but don't see why not although the cost of campsites hardly warrants it.


Glandwr 08-05-2017 21:24

Vignettes best bought on the net, link below. It cost about 16 quid (6000 HUF) for a "week" that for some reason comprised of 10 days for >3.5 tonne. They are essential as cover most truneck roads as well as motorways. You can buy in advance nominate your start date, they start and end at midnight. Easy to extend just buy another..

Hungary abounds in natural hot water spas (several in Budapest) they are a must and many run as municipal. All public transport in Hungary is free for 65+ EU citizens even intercity. Just board making sure you are carrying your passport, great country


Glandwr 08-05-2017 21:29

Forgot to add wild camping not a problem, in cities we stayed on Lidl car parks.


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