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hblewett 04-05-2015 21:34

New Toll regime in Hungary
We are on our way to Romania via Czech Republic & Hungary. For no particular reason, while at the campsite in Prague I thought I'd just refresh my understanding of the rules for Tolls in Hungary for over 3.5 tonnes - last year the motorways required a 'GO BOX' (or whatever they call them) and non-motorway was free of tolls.

The website says that new arrangements were made in Jan 2015, so I went to the map and was horrified to see that just about every main road in the country is now subject to tolls - Go Box for over 3.5 tonnes, vignette for below 3.5t.

It is also possible for > 3.5t to purchase a one trip ticket for a trip, but you have to say exactly where you're going and complete your trip by 24.00 the day after purchase - not much use for a motorhomer! There are plenty of garages 'selling tolls', if you did want to decide on a day-to-day basis, but even for us, planning to cross Hungary into Romania, we don't know how long the journey will take us till we do it!

I called their customer service number, and it was all confirmed by a helpful man who spoke good English.

The main roads are not expensive - only 5 pence/km [motorways about 2.5 times as much], so the cost is not a dealbreaker, but it does mean that if you want to roam around and decide as you go, a Go Box is essential for >3.5t.

We'll be there in a few days after a chill out day or two at a site in southern Czech [10 euros on ACSI :grin2:] by an artificial lake - [forecast is 23 deg for tomorrow]

I'll post on here how we get on with the tolls - hopefully it will be as straightforward as Poland

Citysafe 14-07-2015 08:46

This is really very frustrating - no so much the money but the admin.

I wonder given the EC Directive that says their should be cross europe harmony for free travel on leisure vehicles with less that 8 seats if anyone has had the nerve to challenge?

Citysafe 14-07-2015 09:51

Just spoken to them at Hungary tolls and they tell me that Motorhomes even after 3.5T can get the monthy toll online - I have just paid about 20 for a month for national cover.

I think it confusing as it say <3.5 lorries and motorhomes - it means lorries up to 3.5T and all motorhomes.

hblewett 15-07-2015 09:46

Thanks for that Citysafe. I ended up paying the >3.5t rate, which is about 15 for two weeks both on the way out and on the way back from Romania, as this is what I was assured I needed on both occasions by the people at the filling stations where I paid the toll. I am still uncertain about whether any, some or no roads other than motorways are tolled, but we certainly did pass a gantry loaded with monitoring equipment on the non-motorway main road we used when we left Romania.

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