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GROUNDHOG 15-04-2006 20:11

Lake Balaton - Hungary
Does anyone have experience of touring in Hungary, especially Lake Balaton area and is it safe to wild camp? If not any good touring sites?

Appreciate any information please.


pam2002 23-02-2008 11:12

zulurita 23-02-2008 17:08


I do not think you can wild camp in the area. We stayed at a campsite near Siofok and used camping cheques.

fatwallet 24-02-2008 10:02

we toured hungry last september and used the sites out of the caravan club europe book lots of sites around the lake did not see anybody wild camping so i guess not aloud. the driving in budapest is crazy they don't have a minute to live. len

darach 22-03-2008 18:18

Just drove through Hungary last week and travelled right down the top side of the lake, but we were in a car, saw loads of campsites everywhere, the whole area was pretty empty, probably the time of year. At the bottom end of the lake 5 kms north is a town called Heviz, which has a thermally heated lake, definitely worth going to and the town is nice and small and neat. Hungary is not an eastern block country anymore and we felt totally safe the whole time we were there. Budapest is a must preferably stay outside and bus or train in. But a lovely city to visit. If you want more info, come back to me and I will try to help.
Derek & Bel

cilkad 22-03-2008 23:25

We were at the campsite in Heviz at the end of February and really enojed it (it's in the database). They accept ACSI card - 12 EUR. In the town we saw two signs for stellplatz as well.
We saw more campsites but they were still closed. Didn't see anyone wildcamping, though.

racheal 15-07-2013 06:10

For camping you can try these :

Zugligeti Niche Camping
Camping Haller
Camping Papsziget
Kk-Duna Camping
ko-Park Camping
Dorcas Christian Camping Centre

andrewball1000 15-07-2013 08:45

1 Attachment(s)
got bitten to death at the western end of the lake in June last year. Had to leave after one night. Hot and humid conditions were perfect for them just then.

chrisgog 31-07-2013 16:30

Hi we are looking for where to go on Lake Balaton too.
We are at Camping Panorama near Heviz/ Keszthely at the moment and its a lovely site but need to move on now as been here 6 nights.
Do we go North of the lake from here or to the south side?
Can anyone recommend good campsites that are not all singing and dancing as we just want a nice site in a nice area without paying through the nose for things we do not require such as entertainment etc.
Would rather stay on campsites nearer the lake now or where we can walk out at night to see things. Which towns should we visit too? Any advice great fully received. Thanks

Phil42 31-07-2013 17:01

Try Balatonfured, a town with a bit of character and a campsite right on the lake.

I'll try to find the info.

Also a nice lakeside site at Revfulop.


Phil42 31-07-2013 17:17

Here's a link about the Nepfany, Revfulop site:

Web Page Name

and the large site at Balatonfured:

Web Page Name

The Hotel Blaha Lujza in Balatonfured has a very nice restaurant. The mixed fish plate is excellent.

Do have a look at the Tihany peninsula - you can get a boat from Balatonfured.

Have fun,


PS Sorry I messed up on 'web page name'! :D

BritStops 31-07-2013 17:29

We are there now, at Camping Fured. Lovely spot despite being a big campsite. Think we might be the only Brits among all the Dutch and Germans.

Food and drinks very reasonably priced, and everyone very helpful.

See, we don't just stay at free stopovers! ;-)


chrisgog 31-07-2013 17:29

Thanks Phil

chrisgog 31-07-2013 17:32

and Steve
Will get researching them now.


BritStops 31-07-2013 18:58

I really should read threads more carefully! Just noticed that you wanted a quieter site and not all singing and dancing. Not sure I'd call Camping Fured quiet, as it has restaurants and bars on site, plus pool, go cart hire, beach shops, etc. However it does sit just on the lake, and I can personally recommend the pedalo hire for a pleasant hour on the water!

I also noticed when reading the thread properly that you're in Heviz at the moment Chris, which is where we're heading next! Sounds likely that our paths may cross at some point! Did you see the lake with the water lilies?


McGeemobile 31-07-2013 21:36

It's probably about 18 years since we were there but Eger was a lovely medieval town with a nice campsite within walking distance. The campsite (if it's still open) is in a horseshoe shaped valley with loads of wine caves.
It was not very touristy then, but things may well have altered.

chrisgog 31-07-2013 21:39

Hi Steve
We went to the thermal lakes in Heviz today and enjoyed it. An unusual experience for us though. Cost us 5200 (15) for both of us at the lake for 3 hours. Only go in water for 30 mins at a time they say. They give you a wrist watch which you use for your locker. It also tells you how much time you have left. Whether you like the waters or not I would pay for 4 hours next time as you can sunbathe and picnic/read/eat out there too. Don't wear jewellery in especially silver.
Right opposite the main entrance to the thermal lake is Kurcamping Castrum which, looking at the size of your van, will be ideal for you. There is a cycle path to KESZTHELY next to it too and an easy walk into Heviz. We called on the weekend and loads of spaces. Biggest pitch there for 2 adults with electric would be about 6,709 florint (approximately).

The site we are on now is camping Panorama which is 2 miles from Heviz and up a lane. Perfect for us. You would have to have some form of transport to travel from here though. We like cycling but in this heat it has been pretty hard going. No shops or anything here but a lovely little pool and great people on the site with free wifi. 16 euros a night with electric.

Looks like we will stay on the North side of the lake from advice given. Definitely going to Balontonfured now too but will go to Badacsony tomorrow first for a few days, probably Camp Eldorado

Before anything though we will visit Tesco tomorrow at Keszthely. Really struggling to buy a good choice of food here. Been travelling since May now. Can't believe Tesco is here. Would love a curry ha ha.

Might cross paths with you so will look out. There are no Brits around here either. We have been in Croatia for last 8 weeks.

BritStops 31-07-2013 21:52

Hi Chris,

Yep, we've got Camping Castrum in our sights, and although we booked 3 nights here we're off tomorrow after two. Not because we don't like the site, I think we've just got itchy feet! The thermal lake sounds great!

When we spotted Tesco we were determined not to visit it, but all the big supermarkets are foreign it seems - we shopped in Auchan here. In the end we popped into a Tesco to see if we could buy any decent camp chairs (no luck) and ended up buying a cooked chicken! Mandy was most put out that they didn't put any points on her clubcard! :roll: :lol:


chrisgog 31-07-2013 22:05

Ha ha. We will look out for you on route tomorrow (or in Tesco :-). Our van is a blue Dethleffs fortero.

BritStops 31-07-2013 22:25

White Frankia A class. And apparently we need to stop in Tesco to buy muesli :roll:


BritStops 01-08-2013 19:42

Ha ha! Totally excellent moment on the road in the middle of Hungary, waving like loonies at Chris and co in their blue Dethleffs as we passed each other!

Hope you don't find the site at Fured too busy - it's much bigger and noisier than hear at Castrum. Lake is lovely though. Just spent afternoon in the Heviz lake spa - wonderful resort with top class facilities we thought.

Off to Slovenia tomorrow, may catch up with Addie there.


chrisgog 01-08-2013 21:01

Absolutely brilliant when we passed you. Waving with big grins. It was so funny. Who would have thought it.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

We had just left curry though :( Biggest shop we have done in ages.
Now at Camping Eldorado and not bad. 5600 florints.
Glad you enjoyed the lake.
Happy travelling
Will introduce myself to you at the next show. I was the pretty female blonde one of course ha ha
Chris (and Gordon)

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